Discover Stereo Huang Mincong: Just here (Photos)

Huang Mincong, general manager of Guangzhou Mingshi Lighting Design Co., Ltd.

He has a professional lighting company that has been established for 18 years;

He has a lovely daughter, this is my most successful work, he said with a smile.

He used 10 minutes to negotiate the lighting design of a UNESCO double heritage project, the theme is called romance under the moonlight;

He has climbed 28 miles of mountain roads, examined the impact of lighting on the natural environment within two years, and adjusted his lighting design;

He talked about the happiness and input of lighting design, and it is the best thing to integrate hobbies into his career. He said;

He was wearing a Che Guevara T-shirt sitting across from the reporter. He couldn't help but apologize for his cold and strong nasal voice for only two hours. The reporter has seen the real, three-dimensional Huang Mincong.

CEO Huang Mincong

Lighting Huang Mincong

Huang Mincong pursues the artistic sense of lighting design: it is the feeling of a light. A successful lighting engineering case requires artistic and functional. Artistic mainly refers to a kind of culture and aesthetics. Functionality mainly refers to lamps, products, uses and so on. The combination of the two is good, and the light can add value to the building not only for cultural expression and image formation, but also for economics. The owner of Agile once said a word, Huang believes that it is the biggest affirmation of his lighting design: Agile's hotel, because of the good lighting, can sell 3,000 more per square meter.

The lighting design of Jiuqu River in Wuyi Mountain is the most proud representative work of Huang Mincong. This is a design four years ago and has not been constructed yet. At the beginning, Wuyi Mountain was a national cultural heritage. Opening at night was only an idea. Because it involves many aspects of landscape ecology and biological protection, it is very cautious and almost inoperable. At that time, I went to Wuyishan to inspect, and squatted on the winding mountain road. When I looked up and saw the moon in the sky, I suddenly came up with inspiration and proposed to make a romantic Wuyishan night scene under the moonlight. This idea came out, led and led along the way. People unanimously agreed to pass. Mr. Huang recalled the scene four years ago and still talked about it.

Although the inspiration is between the flash and the lighting plan, it is still cautious, responsible and professional. The preparatory work for the lighting project in Wuyishan was enough for two years, and it was only one year for the site inspection and lighting experiment. For those steep and dangerous mountain roads, Mr. Huang went to 28 baht and compared the different light intensity and different lamps at night. The lighting design was submitted along with the experimental data and instructions bound to the book, and finally the inoperable becomes operational.

Give me 10 minutes, I am sure to convince them. In more than one interview, Mr. Huang said with confidence that when he needs project communication or encounters doubts, he will give Huang a total of 10 minutes, and he will ensure that he can convince the other party. Huang Mincong at this time is very professional and confident.

CEO Huang Mincong

Huang Mincong led his own design team, managed the engineering team, and led the administrative staff. He is the general manager of Guangzhou Mingshi Lighting Design Co., Ltd. He is Huang Mincong.

In 1998, I worked as a Xishuangbanna airport project. Huang always had tea with the stationmaster of the terminal. The other party laughed and said that I had a right pair. When Huang always came up, I will hand over the project to you. Huang Zongju’s tea room was rectified, and the two men cherished each other’s hearts. They not only became project partners, but also became friends with personal relationships.

The Wuyishan project, the relevant personnel came to Guangzhou to visit Shenzhen at 12 o'clock in the evening, and Huang Zong personally drove to Guangzhou when it was 1 o'clock in the evening. In the future, people will settle down and talk about the night, and the other party will be amazed at the fact that a company boss can drive in the middle of the night and drive between Guangshen.

The lighting project of the Silk Road on the seabed needs to go to the bottom of the water for simulation experiments. The employees involved in the lighting design do not know the water. Huang always put on the wetsuit and went to the bottom of the water to complete all the simulation experiments. At this time, he is Huang Mincong, very casual, very old friend.

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