Jilin Lighting Aircraft Carrier Store Jinhaima Lighting City Launched

In the spring of March, the Jinhaima Lighting City of Jilin Province’s lighting aircraft carrier was fully launched. At 13:00 on the 10th, Jinhaima Lighting City merchants gathered in the conference room on the 5th floor of Jinhaima Home. They elected the members of Jinhaima Lighting City Market Operation Management Committee by voting, and jointly discussed and revised the regulations of Jinhaima Lighting City Management. 》, to provide suggestions for the recent renovation of the lighting city and the medium and long-term development plan.

Dedicated to the lighting base

Jinhaima Home Lighting City, invested and developed by China's well-known commercial and trading company, Xiangjiang Group, with a construction area of ​​57,000 square meters, is the largest, highest grade and most complete lighting base in Jilin Province. The lighting facilities of the lighting city are extremely advanced, and the overall function package is perfect. The market adopts an advanced customized store model and is decorated to a high standard. It has a series of modern hardware facilities such as escalators, central air conditioning and electronic monitoring. Specially opened 16,000 square meters of exclusive storage area, logistics, business, catering, banking and other ancillary services are also readily available. Changchun Northeast Asia International Purchasing Center's eight main lighting districts, boutique furniture, decoration and decoration center, floor city, ceramic city, door industry city, cabinet city, decorative materials city, the implementation of the pan-home business sharing market, thus becoming Jilin The most dazzling pearl in the province's home industry.

Jinhaima Home Lighting City provides a wealthy platform for Changchun lighting merchants, and will also provide consumers with a standardized and affordable shopping venue. The reporter saw at the scene: the newly established owners of the operation management committee members organized the participating industry households to discuss the “Regulations on the Management of Jinhaima Lighting City”. Everyone reached a consensus to prepare for the opening of lighting city decoration, brand introduction, service characteristics and property management, and formulate the owner's autonomy rules for the long-term stable development of Jinhaima Lighting City, to create a harmonious business environment and meet the lighting needs of consumers.

Strong support for industry development within three years

Yin Zongbin, general manager of Changchun Northeast Asia International Purchasing Center, announced to all the industry the support strategy of Jinhaima Home Lighting City. Yin Zongbin solemnly promised: After the opening of Jinhaima Home Lighting City, within three years, Jinhaima Group will adhere to the low rent strategy, and Xiangjiang Group will contribute to the overall promotion of the lighting city; within 10 years, the position of the lighting city will remain unchanged. The establishment of the Market Management Committee is to let merchants participate in market management, and combine industry characteristics and market changes to jointly grasp the direction of industry development. Xiangjiang Group will support Jinhaima Home Lighting City to become bigger, stronger and more prosperous, and continue to maintain and enhance the business environment. For example, Jinhaima Lighting City will form a strategic partnership with Zhongshan Lighting Town, a Chinese lighting manufacturing base, to form the two major brand markets of China's North-South interaction, forming a pattern of Chinese brand lighting market in Changchun Jinhaima in the south.

According to industry analysts, the completed Jinhaima Lighting City will fill the gap in the Chinese lighting industry in the three provinces of the three provinces. The industry said: With Jinhaima Lighting City as the big stage, many lighting dealers in Changchun Light City will make rapid progress, take the opportunity to make the business bigger, stronger and more refined, and dress up thousands of households with colorful lighting.

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