Longmao Microelectronics developed a non-isolated constant current module for fluorescent lamps

As LEDs become more efficient and cost-effective, they will sooner or later enter ordinary and home lighting applications. In the application of fluorescent lamps, since the driving circuit is completely installed inside the lamp tube, a non-isolated constant current driving power source can be used, and it can accommodate a relatively large module size, as long as it is designed to be strip-shaped and can be placed in the T8 and The inside of the T10 tube can be. The size of the drive module developed by Longmao is 25x230x10mm, and its appearance is as shown below:

Long non-isolated constant current power supply designed by Longmao can output a constant current of 0.35A-1A, while the input voltage varies from 80V to 265VAC. However, its output voltage should be about 1/2 of that after the input voltage is rectified. A typical application for fluorescent lamps can be 25W, which is used in 1.2-meter-long T8 or T10 lamps, and can replace 32W ordinary fluorescent fluorescent lamps in brightness. Moreover, LED is a green light source, unlike fluorescent lamps that contain toxic substances such as mercury. Although the current unit price of LED is still relatively high, the electricity cost saved by long-term use can also compensate most of the cost.

This constant current source has a high efficiency of 90% and a power factor of 0.89.

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