How can Chinese electrician companies win the future?

——Success and reflection on Lear 998 and Songke Yinlong

With the development of the overall home, switch companies have a new opportunity, because home lighting must look for switch manufacturers OEM as a package. All the new and old electricians have made great efforts to sharpen their horses and sharpen their swords. This has inspired the author's reflection on the operation of Lier 998 and Songke Yinlong.

Product strength and price force dominate the past

998 (Zhejiang Lier) and Yinlong (Guangdong Jinli "Songke" brand, now SOK) are the serial names of the two switch socket products.

Lier 998 in 1999 and Songke Yinlong in 2001 are popular electrician products in the Harbin market, and also the classic battle of the author Lao Guo. The success factors of both products are actually the same. The main analysis now is:

First, the development, design and innovation of electrical products are slow and the direction is uncertain.

In 1998-2001, it should be said that there are not many electrician brands in Harbin market, and there are few products innovations. At that time, Matsumoto B6 and later TCL K40 should be typical representatives. At that time, everyone was only faintly aware that the slab was a trend, and the demand for home decoration was gradually increasing.

As for the product design, there are more ideas about the boss at that time, "Qingsheng" and "Feimai", "Gleema", "Dan Ri", etc., but they have not set off a lot of waves.

The introduction of Lear 998 is a stone-shattering experience. The peers are waking up like a dream. It should be said that Lier 998 pioneered the appearance design of electrician products, created the era of electrician product design, and completed the electrical products from electric materials to decoration. The historical turning point in materials has subverted the traditional understanding and concepts of electrical products.

The design of Yinlong combines the solitary shape of Matsumoto (True and Beautiful), the fluorescent slab of TCL and the color plate style of Qisheng, and the product pricing strategy is very successful, which highlights the cost performance and gives the product a second advantage.

Therefore, in terms of product strength, Lear and Pine can take the lead.

Second, the brand is not very mature. There are few manufacturers and agents who actually carry out market operation and brand promotion, and the competition is not intense.

During that period, there were a few major events: Qisheng launched a price reduction storm and attempted to reshuffle the industry. Matsumoto followed suit, and Deng Zhenqiang left to create a true, good and beautiful world. The world was very chaotic, and TCL turned beyond the real hegemon.

However, there were few in-depth distribution and terminal strategies in that period. In Harbin, there were only a limited number of TCL, Flying Eagle, Langeng, and Taili. Therefore, the author led Li Shaofu, Zhang Gaoting, Yin Zhuorui, Zhou Shangting, Zhang Lixin and Sang. Jingxian's Lier team and Yin Zhuoru, Zhu Guoqiang, Si Haifeng, Wang Hongyan's Songke team, everyone eat together, live together, work hard, go deep into the market for intensive work, in the customer, terminal display, price management, promotion Sales and service have made great efforts and achieved great success.

In the competition, the Lear team and the Songke team won the respect. The achievements of the two teams in the distribution channel are inseparable from the marketing operation of the system. This is also the success of the author’s marketing strategy. The main success factor is still in the number of brands, the competition in the marketing operations of manufacturers is not as intense as today. It also shows that at any time, the market operation must be formal and systematic, and the green forest grass must not beat the regular troops.

Therefore, Lear and Song can occupy the environmental advantage and seize the opportunity.

Third, the product price is opaque, there is no industry benchmark.

Lier 998 was the most expensive hot-selling product in 1999. It was mainly due to the appearance advantage of the product and no competitors. The appearance advantage of the product supported the high price of the product. Comparability.

As mentioned above, Songke Yinlong is based on Lier 998, highlighting the excellent cost performance, and it was successful in 2001.

That era is definitely a time of profiteering. From this point, it is also proved that the initial stage of development and the stage of development are the most profitable time. Wholesale earns nearly 30 points of gross profit until now.

In the aftermath, in 2002, the author summed up a theory, that is, the "three-factor analysis method": brand power, price power, product power. The three elements do not occupy the inevitable death, and the more elements they occupy, the more successful they are. Lier 998 is the product of the product, because it is the earliest innovative product, its success is explosive, belonging to the blowout market. And Songke Yinlong occupies two products of product strength and price, success is inevitable, but it is listed in the development period of product appearance breakthrough, half a beat later, the market performance is like a hot bull stock.

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