"Flight Butt" will not take off before using hybrid again

[Abstract] The Airlander 10 aircraft has recently been repaired and is ready for another flight test. The ass airship has to go to heaven again.

Tencent Digital (Wang John) reportedly reported that Airlander 10, the world’s largest aircraft, has been repaired and is ready to fly again.

What is the ghost of Airlander 10?

Do you remember last year's shape resembles a "bum" large-scale aircraft?

Although the appearance is a bit "dirty", but the technology content is high.

It seems that the legendary "ass" airship has once again been ready to go.

Allegedly, the restored Airlander 10 will be driven by a hybrid system

Engineering developers stated that "all major structural maintenance has been completed"

However, the time for the next flight has not yet been announced.

Recall that in August last year, the Airlander 10 aircraft completed its first flight in Britain

If you think that name is not easy to remember, people prefer to call it "flight butt."

However, the "flight butt" failed during landing after the second test flight


Head touches the ground first

Causes cockpit and many meter damages

Fortunately fortunately, the crew escaped without any major damage.

The manufacturer HVA also pointed out that the crash was completely in control, although it did not explain what went wrong.

The company also said that it will conduct "rigorous testing" because Airlander 10's successful flight will dispel the public's last doubts. After all, the failure of the public to view the product at the later stage of the show is very unfavorable.

As mentioned in previous news, the Airlander 10 was originally developed for the U.S. military.

This is also true, most of the high-tech was originally used for military purposes, and the development of this floating butt styling aircraft is mainly intended for "surveillance in Afghanistan."

However, unfortunately, last year it suffered a failure in the English countryside, which made the British feel very frustrated and hoped that this "flight butt" would surprise everyone in the next test flight.

Article Source: Gizmodo

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