Where are the Android tablets? Quickly suppressed and eliminated

[Abstract] The Android tablet market is deadlocked. Google is ready to make Chromebook compatible with Android App. In 2017, Chromebook will further erode the Android tablet market.

Tencent Digital News (return) Where did the Android tablet go? Recently, it seems that only Amazon and a few other manufacturers' tablets have sold well. Once upon a time, when we purchased an Android tablet, the choice seemed endless, but now it is silent. Why? There is an explanation: Chromebook. Google announced that all Chromebooks will be able to run the Android APP in 2017. As such, why do we still need a tablet?

Once Android tablet is very attractive, but the expensive tablet is not very useful. Although small, it is cheap, but after buying it, you will regret it. I should buy more powerful products, even if they are heavier.

Yes, iOS 10 and Android Nougat support split-screen mode, split-screen function is very practical, in general, mobile devices are not equipped with a keyboard and mouse, split-screen mode allows mobile devices to get some notebook experience, but the two are not a yard thing.

A tablet running a mobile operating system is not an excellent notebook replacement, but barely a substitute.

Flat panel sales are declining, and more and more people are choosing ultra-thin laptops or 2-in-1 laptops, such as Surface Pro 4 and similar products.

A few years ago, the tablet was quite popular. Now that the trend has changed suddenly, there is actually no surprise. In my opinion, Google makes all Android APP compatible Chromebooks also expected.

Some Android fans are looking forward to the arrival of the new tablet. There are still some people who are on the lookout for the Chromebook. Because of the lack of APP, Google's adjustment strategy can attract their attention.

In 2017, the Chromebook will change the Android tablet market for the following reasons:

Fill the gap

Compare Android and Chrome OS to find out their advantages and disadvantages.

Android tablets are more powerful than Chromebooks, and some flagship tablets have introduced some accessories from popular smartphones. Because of this, in the game, multimedia, Android tablet is much more advanced than Google laptop.

However, Chrome OS has a key advantage: it is closer to the PC operating system. In a sense, Chrome OS is more like Windows 10 and mac OS Sierra than the limited iOS and Android. Because of this, using Chrome OS to access the Internet and input documents will be easier and more intuitive because it has a larger screen and a full-size keyboard.

Although Chrome OS has a "production" advantage over Android, it has one drawback, and this shortcoming is exactly the advantage of Android: it has a huge amount of APP.

If you can access Google Play program store, the new Chromebook can open up Chrome OS and Android.

Microsoft also has the same ambitions. It wants to unify all products under the Windows 10 umbrella, but Microsoft's efforts are not very successful. Apple also wants to integrate various experiences, such as Apple Watch, iPhone, macOS, but the speed of progress is somewhat slow.

Relaunch Chromebook

The Chromebook that will be launched at the beginning of 2017 is not just a layer of paint. Its internal components have also been fully adjusted, drawing lessons from the Android tablet.

For example, the Samsung Chromebook Pro, which only costs $549, can be used as an all-in-one device with a keyboard, a number of modern interfaces, a six-core processor, a microSD slot, and a QHD screen. In the Chromebook camp, some of the above configurations have become the standard. Samsung's latest Chromebook is a 2-in-1 device that can be turned into a tablet.

Despite the significance of the new Chromebook, Samsung is one of the few manufacturers that are strongly entering the Android tablet market. In the non-iPad camp, Galaxy Tab S2 is regarded as the best flat panel, there are rumors that Samsung will launch the Galaxy Tab S3 tablet in the March MWC.

In 2017, if we want to choose a device and let it run the Android APP, there are many options. Chromebook Plus is just one of them. For consumers, the more choices, the better.

We will see many beautiful designs. In the past, only the flagship tablet has such a splendid design. Now such design is starting to flow into the Chromebook world. Not only that, the value of the Chromebook will also rise.

In terms of performance, the current Chromebook is not comparable to Google Pixel C. For now, you can only choose to buy Chromebook Pixel without discount, or spend $ 500 to buy Dell Chromebook 13. In 2017, Chromebook will change. In addition to Samsung, Asustek will launch the Chromebook Flip C302, an elegantly designed notebook that is very similar to the MacBook Pro. The Chromebook Flip C302 is equipped with a Core M processor and has a battery life of 10 hours. There are some places that are impressive. At the price of 499 US dollars, can you find a tablet to compete with it? No.

Most Android tablets have disappeared. Do not worry, the new Chromebook will inherit its advantages.

Source: techradar

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