Drink beverages gain weight! fat! But let the pure water turn into a cup of juice. I serve

[Abstract] Flavour Bottle is a unique water bottle with food-grade spices and silica gel on the lid. It can smell strong fruit when drinking, and it feels like drinking juice.

Tencent Digital (Ren Yanmei) Basically, no one does not like to drink juice, right?

However, try to drink less fruity water or blend fruit juice drinks

Because they are not truly natural products

Not as good as selling oranges, pineapple, celery

In the home juice machine squeeze points come healthy

Of course, not everyone has empty juice

Then drink more water

Don't love to drink water? What if water has fruit or carbonated drinks?

Flavour Bottle is such a magical water bottle

It does not contain any ingredients for blending or brewing

But it can make plain boiled water like fruit juice

How is the Flavour Bottle achieved?

The answer is simple: deceive your brain

The secret lies in the cover of Flavour Bottle

Added food-grade spices here

Sustainable for 12 months

When you drink water, your nose and mouth will feel intense scent

The brain will think you are drinking a beverage or juice

As for taste

Flavour Bottle currently includes strawberries, custom, oranges, grapes and cola

The best part is

When the fragrance disappears after one year

It is not necessary to replace the entire bottle

Just replace the lid.

Maybe some friends will worry about safety and health issues

However, Flavour Bottle has filed for FDA and EU Food and Drug Administration

Waiting for the next approval

I believe it should be more reliable

How much is such an interesting water bottle?

The price of a set of 20 US dollars (about 138 yuan)

Feel still worth a try

Source: kickstarter

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