Toshiba launches low-cost cloud computing train operation management system

In overseas markets, especially emerging market countries, various industries have very strong demands for cost reduction, and the railway sector is no exception. At InnoTrans 2012 in Berlin, Japanese companies proposed new technology solutions aimed at reducing costs. For example, Toshiba exhibited a cloud computing railway operation management system. The system executes the processing required by the train operation management by the server, and can be operated through the web browser of the personal computer. Specifically, it can manage the operation schedule, and also can lock the train's location on Google Maps.

When using traditional train operation management systems, railway operators usually have to use dedicated communication lines and dedicated computer equipment. The cloud computing system can be constructed by Internet lines and personal computers, so the import cost is very low. Not only does it not require special equipment and materials, but also this system uses a monthly fee system, so it can easily reduce the initial import cost. The traditional system that requires the use of dedicated communication lines and computer equipment is a one-time purchase type, so the cost of introduction is high. The cost of a one-time purchase system divided by the service life can be converted into a monthly fee. Compared with this value, the monthly cost of a cloud computing system is "less than one-tenth" (Toshiba's commentator).

In addition to reducing costs, another feature of the cloud-based train management system is that it can be started quickly. According to Toshiba, this feature can play a role when the operation management system stops working due to natural disasters. The reason is that if a dedicated communication line and dedicated computer equipment are used, it takes a long time to repair, and a cloud computing system can be repaired as long as it can ensure that the Internet line and personal computer are normal.

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In the event of a groud fault, a GFCI will trip and quickly stop the flow of electricity to prevent serious injury.

How does LED Trip indicators work?
Indicator: 2 LED Trip Indicators (Red & Green)
• Red-The device needs attention. the device is engineered to conduct a self-test internally every 2 minutes to ensure the protection is on. If the device fails the test, the red light is on to signal that the device should be replaced
• Green-The device has passed self-test and working properly

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