Reduce the cost of LED components and introduce PFC-free packaged wafers

LED industry ushered in the era of LED lighting, Li Renzhi, project manager of the advanced process department of Taiwan LED chip factory, pointed out that the LED industry is showing an M-type trend, with high-priced but low-volume products occupying one end, and the other side is considering cost and quantity. Products, and the trend of cost reduction also prompted the LED chip to actively invest in the development of unpackaged wafer products, and launched the package-free wafer PFC (Package FreeChip), which has the advantages of high light efficiency and large illumination angle, and is aggressive in the LED lighting market.

The LED lighting products price reduction trend has not stopped, LED chip factory research and development in addition to moving toward higher light efficiency goals, more cost-effective LED chips are also important directions, LED plant crystal, round, TSMC solid state lighting, TOSHIBA, Philips (PhilipsLumileds ), CREE, etc. are actively investing in wafer development without packaging. After omitting the packaging stage, the overall cost of LED components will be reduced again. Li Renzhi pointed out that as the mainstream of bulbs grows from 600 lumens to 800-1000 lumens, the efficiency of LED chips is not too big a problem. The biggest problem is cost.

Li Renzhi pointed out that in the PFC package-free products developed by Yuyuan, the chip design based on flipchip does not need to be wired. The advantage of PFC package-free wafer products is that the light efficiency is improved to 200lm/W, and the ultra-wide angle of the illumination angle is more than 300 degrees. Light design, plus the need to use secondary optical lenses, will reduce the cost and cost of light efficiency.

Li Renzhi said that the new PFC products will be the main LED lighting market. Especially when applied to candle lamps, it can not only simulate the shape of tungsten lamps, but also break through the limitation of heat dissipation volume, and replace the traditional 40W tungsten candle lamp to achieve 3.5W with 350lm output.

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