Hathway and STMicroelectronics work together to create a high-definition set-top box

21ic News STMicroelectronics (ST) announced that its more than 6 million Indian well-known cable multi-system operator (MSO, Multi-System Operator) Hathway uses ST's highly integrated system-on-chip (SoC) design An advanced high definition (HD) set-top box. STMicroelectronics' STiH273 (Palma) is used in Hathway's latest entry-level HD set-top box, while the STi7141 is used as a core component of the next-generation multi-tuner HD interactive digital video set-top box.

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ST's highly integrated, secure, and optimized HD set-top box chipset, the STiH273, enables the Hathway entry-level set-top box to deliver an exceptional user experience, helping more people use HD set-top boxes, increasing the number of Hathway users and camps Received. The 40nm manufacturing process, integrated performance-enhanced processing engine and extensive on-chip features help equipment manufacturers simplify set-top box design, enabling operators to meet market demands with the lowest cost memory and meet the latest low energy goals. The STiH273 integrates a field-proven and mass-deployed DVB-C demodulator optimized for use with external high-performance traditional tuner (CAN Tunner) and silicon tuner (Silicon Tuner) to meet the RF performance of Indian cable networks. strict requirements. The STiH273 also offers high quality Faroudja® video, 3DTV support, communication interfaces, and advanced security mechanisms that support the latest Conditional Access System (CAS) such as NSK2.

The STi7141-based multi-tuner HD interactive digital video set-top box will help Hathway launch a feature-rich, comprehensive service platform. ST's chips give set-top boxes an unprecedented level of integration and interactivity, and will be a key technology for new services that combine Internet and traditional cable TV content. The STi7141 supports the latest HDTV broadcast standards, including the MPEG4/H.264/VC1 decoding standard, and integrates a DOCSIS 2.0 cable modem.

DOCSIS/EuroDOCSIS 2.0 cable modem technology enables always-on network connectivity and supports IP-based interactive TV and VoIP. The DOCSIS 2.0 compliant STi7141 supports 40 Mbps downstream data transfer speeds with built-in support for HDMI, USB, eSATA and Ethernet interfaces.

Mr. Jayant Changrani, President of Hathway, said: "Our high-definition digital set-top box benefits from ST's highly flexible multi-function system chip, which is an ideal platform for us to provide innovative value-added services to our customers. Pioneering strategic cooperation allows us to Working with strategic partners with the same vision, we bring world-class R&D experience, cutting-edge technology and knowledge to our programs, helping us to increase customer satisfaction and strengthen our leading position in the Indian market."

Mr. Vivek Sharma, Vice President of Greater China and South Asia and Director of India Design Center, said: “Hathway has a very important position in the Indian cable TV market. The level of technological innovation and cutting-edge technology research and development capabilities ranks among the top in the industry. Significant design demonstrates that our portfolio is highly competitive in the market, enabling ST to provide customized solutions for each market and to strengthen our mobilizing local resources to support strategically fast-growing emerging markets. Commitment, such as the Greater Noida R&D Center of STMicroelectronics."

ST's full-featured overall solution shortens time-to-market, and with the nationwide TV digitalization program, ST's products enable service providers to deliver the most cost-effective set-top box solutions.

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