# The original innovator # I drank 5 bottles of nutrition fast line, only to write Bo Xiao Chuan use skills Daquan (T62 mega e-book reader)

Many people may not have heard of Bo Yue, and I have not heard of it two months ago. It wasn’t until one day when she walked to Aunt Zhang that she learned that there was such an unknown company (even a listed company?!) and did such an e-book reading for fei 立(dao)(pu)行(gai). T62 mega. Bo read T62Mega E-book reader 6-inch e-reader ink screen electric paper book reader 699 yuan Lynx featured to buy After graduating from university, I would say that if I sell it so ugly, I wouldn't touch it if I could use it again. Standing at the 30-year-old stall, the years have not only devastated me, but also changed my attitude toward the surrounding people and personal objects. Once I despised homosexuality, and now I embrace diversity; once I thought that poor people were purely alive, and now I see that everyone lives very hard; once I was embarrassed, I now find myself merely an ordinary person. I also found that taking U.S. and Ugly to measure personal items is not rational, because the external TM is easily changed by time, and only experience is an eternal truth. Influencing people to judge whether an electronic product is worth having, nothing more than a few objective factors: clarity, fluency, stability, system openness and grip. ▲ In the same place, watching the horror novel ing This two-month use experience is a word of speech - there has never been a digital product, so I think the appearance may not be important. I drank 5 bottles of nutrition fast lines, and died of countless brain cells. I wrote all my experiences here. Regardless of whether you have used Bo Yue, or if you just bought an electronic paper book, you will not be proficient. This article will teach you how to better control the T62 Mega. It is recommended that you read this article before reading it. Quick function (1) quick turn on light Fat is not wrong, but it makes sense to be fat. Chubby wide is to place 6 physical buttons. The physical page-turning key is a non-return path. This sentence does not know where it sounds. For people reading a few hours a day or reading on the commute, there is a difference between page-turning and page-turning keys, just like the difference between a cannon and a millet-plus rifle. The refresh button has two uses. One is to see the afterimage of the previous page can be refreshed and the page is clean. Seeing pure text books rarely encounters this situation. Generally, books that are rich in illustrations need to be refreshed. The second is to long press the refresh button, you can instantly open or close the reading front light! (Isn't any of the cool skills manuals written?! If it isn't a group of friendly hearts, does the ghost know?) (2) Quick start volume key Turn on the T62 mega and tap the time in the lower right corner of the screen to see the "Volume key" adjustment. This does not have a half-dollar relationship with MP3, but it is designed for page flipping. One of the advantages of chubby is that there are flip keys on both sides. After you turn on the volume key, you can easily flip pages with physical keys in third-party bookstores. Turn off touch screen The freedom given to the fire will cause problems. With physical keys, touch screens are rarely used. Although the chubby frame is thick enough and large enough, the possibility of finger touch is extremely low, but I still want to disable the touch screen function. Click on the first icon above the reading interface, and that's it. Press and hold the reading interface for 3 seconds to reopen the touch screen. It is worth mentioning that chubby is smart, the touch screen only stays in the reading interface, and when you exit reading back to the main interface or setting, you can still touch the screen. View notes Reading often encounters comments. Click on the small number in the upper right corner to view the comments. It must be emphasized that you must remember the numeric code of the comment, because when you return to the original text, you have to click this number again. At the beginning, this mystery has not been discovered and it has taken a long time to recover the original text. In fact, this can be learned with Amazon. When you click on the comment, it will pop up a comment on the current page. Automatic page turning When a person eats, he likes to turn on the computer to look for a movie. The reality is often that the film has not yet been selected and that the food has already been eaten. No way, choose too much! Always thinking about finding a new good movie worthy of the meal, the protagonist becomes a film instead of a meal. Reading books is not the same as eating, seemingly loaded with X and elegant, in fact, its biggest role is to resolve the boredom of a person to eat, but did not have the choice, generally from the place I saw the most recent look. At this time, automatic page turning will be used. When eating, it is not appropriate to watch such a blistering masterpiece such as “A Brief History of Time”. Instead, it is a story novel “My first half”. Estimate the speed of your reading, 10 seconds and 20 seconds to see a page more common, 30 seconds is a bit slow, of course, I also want to know 80 seconds to see a page is what kind of operation. Install APP Someone installs software through a mobile assistant. I don't like this method of increasing the memory burden on the device. It will not be expanded here. Let's talk about another white method: Download an Android application on your computer and import it into the T62 mega using a USB cable. From the File Manager, navigate to this application and click Install. look more Just installed more than see the font contrast is not enough, the default can not use the physical key page. In other APPs, there may be situations where the background is not white enough and the font is not black enough. You can use the following method to set it yourself. After all, the APP will come and go with a few settings. First deepen the font: (1) To open a book while reading more, click on the center of the screen in the reading interface; (2) Click on the Aa icon (that is, font settings) that pops up below; (3) find the "background" - more - "long press edit", there background and text background adjustment interface; (4) The background is darkest, and the text is darkest. Next, the volume key page operations are common to third-party apps. (1) Remember the "volume key page" that I mentioned in the previous article? This time came in handy. Click the volume button in the bottom right corner of the chubby screen. When the “close volume key” 5 words appear, it is ON. (2) Then, call up the [settings] to see more, open the volume key page. In short, after installing a bookstore APP, it is best to study the setting options and adjust the reading interface to suit your status. Read PDF To tell the truth, the 6-inch screen is too small. Using a PDF file will always give birth to a sense of magnificence that will destroy the "eye". However, if the reader is better optimized, it can barely be seen. PDF is divided into two categories, one is a document version of PDF, and one is a PDF converted from a Microsoft Word document. Such a document looks very neat and tidy; the other is a photocopying or scanning version, and they look more There is a printing sense of the publication, but the quality of the document is affected by the level of the scanning machine and the operator. There are some documents that are printed in a crooked manner, or there are inexplicable black spots on the blanks. T62mega has 4 commonly used PDF functions: page width adaptation, grayscale deepening, edge cropping, streaming and horizontal screen. No matter what kind of PDF, the first is generally to deepen the contrast (in addition to grayscale deepening, other features do not mix together). ▲ After the black is added, the content is displayed darker. After making other adjustments, each font is more recognizable. For the document version: My experience is that the functional priorities of the document version of PDF are: streaming> horizontal screen> cropping> width adaptation Streaming is equivalent to clearing the format of the document. The disadvantage is that the standard of the first letter, the empty space, and the middle of the title is not emphasized. The advantage is that the font size can be freely enlarged. ▲ After streaming, the font can be adjusted to the eye effortlessly. If you require to keep the layout and format of the file, or streaming does not work for some uneditable documents, the horizontal screen is a good choice. ▲ Horizontal screen is the method for once and for all for most PDFs. The font size after the horizontal screen is almost the size of normal reading. The last two functions - cropping and page width adaptation - are affected by the actual size of the book page, just as the page margins are set when editing a Word document. Chubby is based on the width of the page, rather than the width of the content, the page margin before editing is not processed, so the display effect is not streaming or horizontal screen. ▲ The overall content is slightly enlarged after trimming. ▲ After the page width is adapted, the overall content is slightly enlarged. For photocopy/scanning editions: For this kind of PDF, streaming does not have any use. Too many words, densely packed, full of PDF, direct use of horizontal screen. This font size can zoom in quite a bit. ▲ As I said before, if you are afraid of trouble, the horizontal screen is the easiest way. For books that look neat and tidy, there are blank pages, and there are no pages that have found a serious shift in the content area. Manually crop the edges. During the cut, left and right and left and right sides respectively leave a gap of 3mm, so that you will not mistakenly cut down the contents of the next page. ▲ In many cases, manual trimming is more effective than automatic trimming. Width adaptation and automatic trimming can all be tested. After all, the quality of PDF books is different. The above is just my experience in a limited period of time. Trying to do it yourself and adjusting a relatively appropriate reading interface is the last word. There is no one thing in this world that will be forever. Sleep and shutdown Here to mention, chubby no Hall switch, does not support leather sleep. After reading the book every day, remember to manually press the key. If you are more oblivious, you can let the system sleep automatically. Specific operation: Settings - user settings - sleep time, you can choose how long to sleep after no operation. 2 minutes is too short. After this page has not been read, the machine goes to sleep; 10 minutes is too long. Personal experience, 5 minutes is the most appropriate. Android electronic paper book startup time is longer. Although less than 1 minute, it is clearly beyond the endurance of digital users, compared to other closed systems that do not shut down. In this case, in the settings - the user settings - shutdown delay, select "Never", so T62 mega will not shut down, next time you open the key, but also like the kindle seconds open. Power saving tips There are two kinds of people in this world. One is to be safe and the other is to worry. I belong to the latter, according to their own shallow understanding, the Android system is particularly power-consuming. The situation has not deteriorated and I have already pondered: How can we improve the level of life? The following methods may be useful to you: 1 Do not install more than 2 applications. It's packed with too much stuff and it's slow to run, and you should feel very deep when you use your phone. What's more, the performance of electronic paper books is not in the same order as smart phones. So, if the system comes with a reader or the pre-installed Jingdong reading can satisfy you, there is no need to install other reading software. 2 Read offline. The T62 mega plug-in Realtek wireless network card definitely consumes more power than the closed system of kindle and Chinese. Download the book ahead of time so you can turn off Wi-Fi when you read it. 3 Limit background processes. Friends of the group of strokes. Find [System Version] in [Settings] and click continuously until "Developer Options" pops up. Go to [Developer Options] and pull it to the bottom. There is a [Background Process Limit] and select "Do not allow background process". 4 Deactivate some native apps. Long press this application, enter [Management], and scroll to [All] in the upper menu bar, find the application, click to enter, and determine [Forced Stop] and [Disabled]. Import books (2 methods) 1.USB Passbook: Create a folder in the root directory, called Books, and copy the book into it. If you want to classify books, create subfolders with different names in the Books folder. 2. Wireless transmission: What you read on the electronic paper book is "Boyue Push." This way of transmitting a book does not require a USB cable. There is a mobile phone. Follow the prompts to enter the web address in the computer's browser, and then use WeChat's sweep to scan the QR code that pops up on the computer and the electronic paper book. At this time, your mobile phone will function as a USB, and it will be a connecting bridge. It's all right to send the book from the computer. ▲ electronic paper book, mobile phone scan code login. ▲ Computer, also mobile phone login. In contrast, I prefer to use a USB connection. The scene of the book is usually at home, but who has no extra USB cable? Can also directly classify folders, if one-time import hundred and eighty books is quite practical! Change wallpaper Used Kindle and Dangdang, experience is good, but they peddle the wallpaper of the new book to make people feel guilty. It is quite troublesome to change the wallpaper. Bo Yue is my third electronic paper book, open system, set the wallpaper more convenient: 1. Make/find a 1072x1448 wallpaper with a saturation of -100 so that the picture is black and white; 2. Put the wallpaper into the root directory of T62 mega; 3. After the connection is disconnected, find [Application] - [Gallery] on the device. 4. Click on the wallpaper you just put in and see the first icon in the upper left corner? Click on it and wait for the "Setting up" to pop up. Add font More and more like Android electronic paper books, not without reason. I can get the maximum amount of personal equipment I want. Changed my favorite wallpaper, fonts, import my favorite book, this is really my chubby, exudes my chubby inside and out. The specific steps for adding a font are as follows: 1. What font do you like? As long as it is in the .ttf format; 2. In the device root directory, create a new folder named [fonts] and put the font in it. 3. Open the electronic paper book settings - [font management], select the font; 4. Determine the restart. Add a dictionary 1. Create a new [Dict] folder under the T62 mega root directory; 2. Copy the downloaded dictionary file (Recommended: StarCraft Quick Translation Library. If it is a compressed file needs to be decompressed first) to the folder, restart T62mega. Change to traditional characters It cannot be said that it is indifferent to change into traditional characters. We must know that there are also many compatriots in Hong Kong and Taiwan on the mainland of the motherland. Some older generations also prefer traditional characters. There is a small trick, you go to find a called "classic new".ttf font. According to the above method of adding fonts, the system fonts and the fonts of local books (except PDF) can be converted into traditional ones. Login to VPN Want to use Kobo or Book Walker app to read books, the domestic network you know, must pass VPN. Solution = Computer VPN + wifi sharing wizard. RSS news reader Reabble is an RSS news reader that can be used very well at present. Why is it very cow? Because it is free to add RSS addresses, subscribe to content such as Zhifu, Southern Weekend, One, Sanlian Life Weekly, etc., you can also add a public number to see the public number article. Second, if you have had an egg pain reading directly on the e-book website (actually, you can try it now and use a browser to easily open a message), you will know that Reabble can clearly and normally read the latest Content is one of the things that I'm thankful for. ▲ Although I can't put an address, smart people always find ways to find Enter this URL in T62 mega's built-in browser and log in with the demo account to start reading. Free account can only see 7 articles a day, basically no eggs. Ma Yunjia can buy a VIP account, 30 years a year, 96 years, 96, reading papers should be unlimited. Do not know how long this service can last, and weigh it yourself. Note export The annotations and notes made in the text can be exported. They all exist in the notebook that comes with the system. Connecting a USB cable can be exported to a computer. postscript: Most of the day is spent waiting for: Waiting, waiting, waiting for the girlfriend, waiting for the car, waiting for the wind to come... It's like studying the formula of shampoo bottle when you slam the toilet. Now people spend their time on mobile phones. After seeing the mobile phone become a bad street, I don't want to be a downcast racer. Even if you bow your head, you must also be a maverick. Therefore, I am very grateful that this fat and personal and modest T62 mega with my boring time. ▲ Waiting for serving ▲ Read good time before going to bed ▲ In this compartment, I only read one book (proud face.emoji)

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