Live broadcast! Six 55-inch Internet TV Hengping Review

15:19 2017-08-22 Just four years into the TV industry, Internet brands quickly captured the market with extremely low prices combined with excellent marketing tools. It can be said that the impact of Internet TV on the entire television industry is enormous. Although last year's LCD panel prices continued to rise, the other major brands that started the price war began to collapse. But this indirectly promoted a new era in China's Internet TV market. 15:20 2017-08-22 Do not pay attention will be left behind. Is today's Internet TV still suitable for mainstream user groups? As the most influential and authoritative science and technology media, it is necessary to make a fair judgment for everyone again. Starting from today, the ***** TV channel will officially launch the Internet TV Hengping plan. We will conduct an in-depth review of six 55-inch commercially available explosive Internet TVs in 2017, and update the Hengping rating on this live page in real time. Progress, if you have better suggestions, please also communicate with us in the message area. 15:23 2017-08-22 In order to show everyone that all products tested are brand new and unopened, we will add all six products to the unpacking process, and we will unpack one! 15:24 2017-08-22 The first product to be delivered was Xiaomi TV's newest 45-inch TV. The whole machine is black and still looks very angry. Ultra-thin body, only 4.9mm thick! Intuitively speaking, it is probably similar to two one-dollar coins. Is it really shocking to remember that there was a video of cutting watermelons with Xiaomi TV. What do you want us to do? Out of the box link lost to you: 19:51 2017-08-23 According to reliable logistics news, Hisense VIDAA LED55VIUCZ TV will arrive early tomorrow! 13:52 2017-08-24 Hisense VIDAA LED55VIUCZ is out of the box! Let's take a quick look. This TV is a curved design, the official announcement of no border, in the actual close-up observation is only a line of feeling ~ the back looks very tall, a large area of ​​metal material instantly upgrade grades. After experiencing this TV, some of our TV editors lamented that the big manufacturers are still very strong. Do you not know that several other TVs will be under pressure? Out of the box link lost to you: 13:56 2017-08-24 This afternoon, the micro-whale WTV55K2 and the lookout X55Q are about to be put in place (again, this cross-review cannot be done). 09:39 2017-08-25 The tiny whale WTV55K2 is unpacked and put a few pictures. The appearance of the small whale has always been a low-key and steady style, and the materials used for work can be seen as a down payment. Interested friends click on the link to view the full box: 09:28 2017-08-28 To see the X55Q's out of the box is completed, the box is very personal, after opening the TV appearance is more amazing, a certain degree of design to get rid of the current TV design homogenization mode. The back of the independent bass cavity makes me look forward to this TV's sound performance, you recommend some nice little songs, I will try it in a while. Out of the box link: 15:35 2017-08-28 Some netizens asked to test the fragile rate ~ great idea! However, I can't afford to lose my brother. 21:35 2017-08-28 Cool open TV 55A3 served! It seems that overtime is inevitable. Don't wait for me. Come back tomorrow morning. 11:24 2017-08-29 After a night of fierce battles, the author not only completed the unpacking of the Coolo 55A3, but also tested the objective data of the six TV sets without the interference of other light sources at night. One of them was found to be tricky when testing HDR peak brightness. Here first to everyone to sell a Guanzi ~ In short, Internet TV HDR is very deep ah ... interested friends click on the link to watch the complete box: 11:29 2017-08-29 Cool open 55A3 TV appearance continues the simple design style of the previous generation of works A2, but different from the past, 55A3 overall use of black color, with gray linen material front trim, which undoubtedly improves the high-end properties of the entire product, The overall feeling of luxury is given to the atmosphere. The back is embedded with 6 JBL original speakers and 2 suspension-type independent subwoofers, and the sound quality is still stronger than the X55Q. 17:42 2017-08-29 The six 55-inch Internet TV Hengping, the brand involved micro whale, Hisense, millet, look still, cool open, PPTV, all products are the top 55-inch models in their product lines, the Hengping Help us understand the overall level of Internet TV development, and whether there is a gap between traditional TV brands, so stay tuned. 16:19 2017-09-04 You are waiting for a long time, because from September 1 to the present, the German IFA exhibition has a lot of television-related content, test Xiaobian exhausted. From now on, return to the Hengping project, from time to time will be broke, so stay tuned! 16:28 2017-09-04 Two days of Saturday to fight in overtime! Data testing is basically completed. Here we attach a “smart” six-camera contrast parameter that reflects the brightness of the TV and the performance of the black field from the data level. 16:57 2017-09-04 In the next few days, we will also invite other colleagues to experience the picture quality, audio and video, and intelligent voice for these six products so that they can tell the best one in mind. 17:20 2017-09-05 A friend asked if the contrast of this Hisense was more than 20,000. We used professional instruments to measure the white field brightness and black field brightness of the TV and compare the data obtained. All test environments were closed darkrooms. All of the above data was measured by the author at night, although there is some error but not too much. The following is the test environment, there is absolutely no dark room! 21:21 2017-09-06 The black field performance in the video seems to be pretty good. The names are smeared out by me. Everybody guesses what the TVs are. 10:37 2017-09-08 Quality part of the test, not much to say directly on the map (4K video test) 17:51 2017-09-11 HDR video test, on the whole, six TVs decoding HDR video is still relatively smooth, performance improvement, it is a certain degree of improvement. Come and come, models are for you 17:48 2017-09-13 Since 2017, almost all TV manufacturers have emphasized their own artificial intelligence voice technology. I believe we are also very much looking forward to whether the current intelligent voice technology is mature on television. This time we will conduct intelligent voice testing on these six TVs. Interested friends click to watch: At a glance, six 55-inch TV voice controls are not seen at a glance. 15:26 2017-09-14 Internet TV manufacturers have been active in the market under the banner of low prices. Although the six TVs in this cross-review are all high-end series of brands, we are still unaware of the sensitivity of nerves. ? Is it safe for consumers to buy home? With these questions in mind, we believe it is necessary to review these television in-depth tests for dismantling and evaluation. 14:40 2017-09-15 After many days of fighting, we finally dismantled all six television sets and showed them the most unknown side! 16:37 2017-09-15 During the disassembling process, our review editors still received electric shocks when the TV was powered off. Here, I remind everyone that since the LCD TV is powered off, the capacitors and coils on the power board need to have a discharge process. There will be a certain voltage during the time period, it is very dangerous! So we must not disassemble our own at home! Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.

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