55-inch ultra-thin 4K TV, bright screen has a value

As the center of the living room, TV not only takes on the responsibility of home entertainment, but also its appearance will affect the style of the entire home environment. In recent years, televisions have begun to undergo a substantial improvement in their appearance design, and some even have reached the standard of art. Of course TV is not a vase, we need to use it to watch the show. When choosing a TV, we can't just focus on the appearance of the TV. We must also look at the true performance of the TV and whether it can provide first-rate picture quality. 1, Konka 55-inch 4K ultra-definition ultra-thin TV KONKA R55U Jingdong price RMB 2799.00 The body of Konka R55U adopts anodizing and polishing process with 72 precision processes, allowing the TV to have an ultra-narrow frame and ultra-thin body with full texture. The internal aspect uses a 64-bit, 31-core high-performance chip, which decodes high-definition video more quickly and runs a smoother game. In combination with HDR decoding technology, it presents you with a cinema-class view. 2, Konka 4K Ultra HD 36-core metal frame TV Konka (KONKA) V55U Jingdong price RMB3499.00 The body is a deeper blue with a stronger sense of technology, metal relief flower frame, surface sandblasting process, and the screen has a high value. Built-in Baidu intelligent voice, through the voice control TV, want to see what to tell it. Dual 64-bit 36-core chip, using MEMC full motion enhancement technology, to better eliminate the screen jaggies, providing a better viewing experience. 3, Xiaomi 55-inch HDR Ultra HDTV Millet (MI) Millet TV 3S JD Price ¥3499.00 Ultra-thin body, ultra-narrow screen frame, and millet 3S can also be placed at home. The value of light is not enough, and “inner” is just as powerful: the chip uses a 64-bit processor, combined with HDR technology, will be more smooth TV shows on the IPS hard screen from LG, people can not help but sigh that it brings The visual experience. 4, Konka 55-inch ultra-thin smart TV without borders Konka G55U ultra-thin body + borderless design, subvert the TV's traditional appearance, in front of a larger field of vision. Using 12Bit color wheel technology, the screen display is more colorful, with Samsung 4K ultra-high-definition screen, equipped with HDR technology, so that the picture quality is more clear, a broader vision. Hisense LED55EC520UA JD Price ¥2999.00 5, Hisense 55 inch bright 4K smart TV Ultra-narrow frame body design, V-type metal base, decorated with high-value living room. A 64-bit, 14-core movement responds quickly to each of your instructions. Use 4K color enhancement technology to clearly display every detail of the picture and restore a lively natural color. Customize the operating system, integrate more and more video resources, and bring a simpler smart TV operation experience. These ultra-slim smart TVs not only look stylish, but they also save a lot of space. Choose the one that is most exciting to you and start a visual feast with your family. Smart TV/box information can focus on smart TV information network sofa butler (http://), China's influential TV box and smart TV website, providing information, communication, TV boxes, smart TVs, smart TV software, etc. Answering questions.

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