With visual hearing touch? New version of internet cloud brain map released

(Original title: The new version of the Internet cloud brain map release, interpretation of the Internet of Things, cloud robots, AI and other cutting-edge technology) I. What is the Internet cloud brain In 2007, the research team of the Academy of Sciences proposed the research on the future development trend of the Internet. "The Internet is evolving in a direction that is highly similar to the human brain. It will have its own visual, auditory, tactile, motor nervous systems, and it will have its own memory and nervous system, central nervous system, and autonomic nervous system." Brain architecture is also known as "Internet Cloud Brain" II. What elements have been added to the new Internet cloud-brain architecture? Since the first edition of the Internet Cloud Brain architecture map was published on January 3rd, 2008, the time has passed nine years. The version released in this paper is the fourth version of the Internet cloud and brain architecture, as shown in the above figure. For the other three versions, please refer to the appendix of this article. Compared with the previous version, this version mainly highlights the following points: 1. The addition of the Internet neuron and neural network architecture to the Internet provides a basis for the description of the big social BIG SNS. 2. Increase the integration of artificial intelligence and big data, social networks, and distribution in the nerve endings of the Internet cloud 3. Increase the position of the robot in the motor neurons of the Internet cloud and create an illustration for the description of the cloud robot 4. In addition to people connecting laptops, mobile phones, and desktop computers to the Internet, Internet users have also added government agencies, commercial organizations, and military agencies to establish a foundation for the description of smart cities. 5. Increased the path of Internet users entering the Internet cloud and brain through VR/AR. 6. The concept of cloud reflex arcs was proposed. The neural reflex arc phenomenon of the Internet was named cloud reflex arc. When the frontier technology was analyzed, it was marked on the new version of the Internet cloud and brain map. three. Analyze 19 Frontier Technologies, such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and AI Using the New Internet Cloud-Brain Diagram Since the 21st century, frontier science and technology have shown signs of explosion. In addition to the Internet, emerging frontier technologies include the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, industrial 4.0/industrial Internet, cloud robots, 3D printing, and smart driving. , Unmanned Aircraft, Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, Big SNS, Smart City, Edge Computing/Fog Computing, Mobile Internet, Cloud Reflex Arc, etc. What is the relationship between them and how is it related to the internet cloud and brain? 1. The Internet of Things is essentially the Internet's central nervous system and its controlled sensory and motor systems. 2. Cloud computing is essentially the central nervous system of the Internet, which uses servers, network operating systems, neuron networks (large social networks), big data, and artificial intelligence algorithms based on big data to other components of the Internet's cloud and brain. Control. 3. Big data is essentially the valuable information transmitted and accumulated during the operation of the Internet's clouds and brains. Because of the rapid expansion of the Internet over the past 50 years, the volume has become enormous. It is the foundation of the internet cloud brain to produce intelligence intelligence. 4. The nature of artificial intelligence is the driving force behind the generation of intelligent intelligence generated by the internet cloud and brain. Artificial intelligence is not only combined through algorithms such as deep learning, machine learning and big data, but also applied to the nerve endings, neural networks and intelligent terminals of the Internet cloud and brain. . Makes the Internet’s various brain systems enhance their capabilities at the same time. 5.Industry 4.0 and Industrial Internet are essentially the motor and nervous system of the Internet. This will be a very large part of the future of the Internet cloud and brain, and it will also include various cutting-edge technologies introduced in the 6th. 6. Intelligent driving, cloud robots, drones, and 3D printing are essentially the most active parts of the internet's cloud-brain motor system. They help humans complete their exploration and transformation of the world through extended movement and mechanical operations. 7. The nature of edge computing is the development and growth of the Internet's cerebellar nerve endings. Artificial intelligence technology is not only used in the big data of the central nervous system, but also in the neuronal networks, and also distributed to the distal end of the nervous system. Let the Internet's sensory nervous system and peripheral motor control become more intelligent and robust. 8. The nature of the mobile Internet is the richness of the types of nerve fibers in the Internet, making it easier for Internet users to link to the Internet cloud without geographical restrictions. 9. Big Sns is the internet cloud neuron network and is the most important part of the internet cloud brain. It is developed from the Internet's traditional social networks Facebook, WeChat, and Weibo. It evolves from linking people to people, linking people and things, things and things, and even linking artificial intelligence software systems. 10. Cloud reflex arcs are the most important neural activity phenomenon in the Internet cloud brain. Similar to the human nervous system, they also contain receptors, afferent nerve fibers, nerve centers, efferent nerve fibers and effectors. It is an important operating action of the interaction between the internet cloud brain intelligence and the real world. There are seven types of it. Will be devoted to later articles. 11. The essence of a smart city is the result of the combination of the internet cloud and the specific geographical areas. It is a scaled-down application of the Internet cloud and the construction of smart cities. Looking at the structure of the Internet cloud and brain, it is necessary to pay attention to the construction of urban residents, units, institutions and enterprises. In the case of a unified neuron network (big social), we must also pay attention to the reaction speed and robustness of the city's cloud reflex arcs, such as fire-fighting cloud reflex arcs, financial cloud reflex arcs, traffic cloud reflex arcs, new retail cloud reflex arcs, and energy sources. Cloud reflection arc and so on. IV. Conclusions of the new internet cloud brain study As we mentioned at the beginning of the article, the internet cloud brain is a kind of brain-like structure formed during the evolution of the Internet. It was not mature and complete at the beginning, but it was gradually developed in the process of scientific exploration and commercial innovation. There are still barriers to competition among businesses, and there are still loopholes in technology and models. Even today, it is far from successful in evolution. The internet cloud is not evenly distributed during development. After a technology or model is mature, the next technology or model has the foundation for vigorous development. Web2.0, Internet of Things, Cloud Computing, Industrial Internet, Big Data, Artificial Intelligence. . It is not a new thing that exceeds the Internet, but one of the wave peaks in the development of the Internet cloud brain. The fragmentation and isolation between these cutting-edge technologies is the illusion of the uneven development of the nervous system of the Internet. V. Appendix: Evolution of the History of the Internet Cloud Brain

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