Hongli Optoelectronics: LED packaging monthly capacity will reach 800-900KK

A few days ago, the G20-LED Summit member company, Hongli Optoelectronics (300219) held its 2012 annual performance briefing. The attendees of this annual performance briefing were: Mr. Li Guoping, Chairman and General Manager of the Company, Mr. Sun Changyuan, Chief Financial Officer, Mr. Deng Shoutie, Deputy General Manager and Secretary of the Board, Mr. Guo Kangxian, Independent Director, and Mr. He Tao, Sponsored Representative of GF Securities Co., Ltd. .

Deng Shoutie, secretary of the board of directors of Hongli Optoelectronics, pointed out that the equipment newly purchased by the company at the beginning of this year has now arrived at the factory. After the equipment is fully commissioned, the company's LED packaging capacity is expected to reach 800-900 KK per month.

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