Zhou Ming Technology LED display lights up Beijing Film Festival, pray for good luck

On April 23rd, the 3rd Beijing International Film Festival held a grand closing ceremony at the National Convention Center. This event brought together many first-line stars and directors at home and abroad. The closing ceremony of this year's film festival consists of two stages: “Star Avenue” and “Awarding Ceremony”. Much different from previous years, the organizing committee expressed its grief for the dead compatriots in the Sichuan Ya'an earthquake and prayed for the people in the disaster area.

Compared with the brilliance of the stars, the stage lighting of the closing ceremony of the film festival is also dazzling. At the beginning of the ceremony, the opening ceremony of the large-scale song and dance performance "Following Dreams Beijing" prayed for the Ya'an earthquake-stricken area, cheering for Ya'an, and combining the stage lighting The LED display also gives the audience a beautiful visual experience and is fascinating.

The award ceremony of the "Tiantan Award", the highlight of the closing ceremony of the film festival, was brilliantly presented, and the major awards have also been spent, and the "Best Stage Application Effect Product" award should be awarded to Shenzhen Zhouming Technology Co., Ltd. The company, because of the stage background of the high-definition P4LED display, the two-sided scrolling P6LED display, the stage ground LED floor tile screen, 11 P4.8LED spherical screen hanging directly above the stage, these LED display Shaped a series of perfect stage effects.

The closing ceremony of the Beijing Film Festival LED product application project was created by Beijing Huaao Vision International Culture Media Co., Ltd., and these LED display screens are from Shenzhen Zhouming Technology Co., Ltd., while Beijing Huaao Vision As an old customer of Zhouming Science and Technology Cooperation, 98% of the LED display screens of the whole project have been manufactured by Chau Ming. This is undoubtedly not the trust of the quality of Zhouming Technology. Zhouming Technology deserves the biggest winner behind the scenes.

Among these displays, the most special one is the 11 LED spherical screens above the stage. It is understood that these spherical screens are the UBALL series display products of Zhouming Technology, which not only has different appearances than ordinary LED displays, but also its practicality. And the playback effect is also extraordinary, his biggest feature is 360 ° view angle, strong stereo, rotatable playback, easy to watch, and he has 8 sweep scanning mode, brightness above 2000nits, 1920 refresh rate, 16384 Grayscale, these top-level configurations ensure smooth and clear playback of the entire playback, and shine like a pearl throughout the event.

And these spherical LED display screens are easy to install and maintain, and they are available in two ways, hoisting and three-dimensional seated installations, each weighing only 125KG, which can be completed quickly regardless of the installation method.

Zhou Ming Technology will make the closing ceremony of the Beijing Film Festival into a dreamy night of light and shadow gathering, Galaxy, which is one of his many outstanding cases. Zhou Ming LED display has been advancing rapidly in innovation and development. With the healthy development of the industry, China has established an international brand of “intelligence” in the forest of the international LED industry.

(This article is the contribution of Zhou Ming Technology)

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