Linyi LED dealers enter the key period of “brand strategy”

[Source: LED Engineering's "LED lighting channel" 2013, No. 5 (total of 41) reporter / Zhou Jianhua]

Excellent LED sales and logistics

Linyi is very similar to Changzhou. Although it is not a provincial capital city, its position in the lighting industry in China is even higher than that of the provincial capital. The latter's lighting status stems from the Zou District holding the Huadong Lighting Throat, while the former relies on the exhibition area of ​​260,000 square meters of Linyi Lighting City and the nearby distribution of a sound logistics and transportation network.

Linyi Lighting City was founded in 1993. After several years of relocation and expansion, it has gradually won the recognition of various manufacturers because of its geographical advantages. The scale has become bigger and bigger. At present, it has gathered nearly 900 dealers and more than 1,100 brands. In addition, there are 356 freight station enterprises in Linyi and 10 large-scale logistics parks. It is not surprising that they have occupied the top spot in the professional lighting market in Shandong and Northern Jiangsu for a long time.

When the reporter just arrived at Linyi Lighting City, he felt that the LED wind was blowing. Because he had not entered the city, he saw the giant billboard of Linyi LED Center. The first floor of the center is the exhibition hall, the product category is relatively complete, but unfortunately the display is messy, the brand is rare, and many are still neutral packaging. Understand that it was not a store or government act, it was just an exhibition hall operated by a company.

However, when visiting the lighting city, many stores are involved in LED products. The form is different. A panel is placed from the door, and a special area is set in the store. Even more than 1,000 square meters are set up like Tianma lighting to make more than ten LED brands on the same stage. Competition."

"At present, I am so big to go to the LED above is to do a good platform, exercise the team, integrate channels, and pave the way for the introduction of big brands in the future." Tian Tong Lighting Chairman Liu Tongguang pointed out the strategic steps of transforming LED.

Other new entrants such as Midea Lighting, Wrigley Lighting, Chau Ming Technology, etc. are also distributed in the form of monopoly areas or specialty stores, but the product line is not perfect, and some conventional products such as bulbs and 3 watt ceiling lamps have no samples.

Select the key period of the brand

Large stores and large households are the prominent features of Linyi Lighting City. With a sales area of ​​more than 5,000 square meters, there are Tianma Lighting, Liangmeijia Lighting, Yongguang Lighting, etc. More than 2,000 square meters of new brilliant lighting, Shuanghua lighting and so on. Tianma and Liangmeijia also opened chain operations in the lighting city in the form of brand monopoly.

Through interviews, the reporter found that Linyi dealers have entered the key period of brand grooming and selection, especially the integration and restructuring of LED resources.

“In March, I spent 15 days walking the Guangdong LED and Zhongshan LED industry bases and inspected no fewer than 20 companies, but still did not find a suitable LED partner.” Engaged in lighting sales for 12 years, now Guanhua Lighting Yang Zhongchen, general manager of China Lighting Center, said to the reporter, "This time attending the high-tech product conference is also hoping to find good products and good brands."

Huaxia lighting is quite representative. The popularity of terminal distribution stores, the price war between merchants, the lack of thorough analysis of market conditions by merchants, and the difficulties in operating new LED products caused by blindness have led to some new thinking of Linyi merchants - how to turn agent sales model into home appliances Sales model, brand operation.

At present, this idea has been put on the agenda by some powerful distributors. Instead of focusing on profits as before, they are putting more energy into the management of the brand, reorganizing the lighting brands they operate, doing their best to grasp the first-line brands, and gradually creating their own corporate culture.

Large-scale households such as Linyi's Tianma Lighting, Shandong Liangmeijia Trading, and Yongguang Lighting have achieved branding through the implementation of brand strategy, innovative marketing concepts, and channel reform. At the same time, some local businesses actively promoted the brand of their agents through outdoor advertising and print media, and re-screened the brand, reforming and deleting duplicate and redundant brands.

“Lighting has entered the LED era. The success of even the big distributors is only representative of the past and the present. But only by grasping the LED and the appropriate brand operation concept is the same as capturing the future of lighting.” In the lighting industry for 22 years Liu Tongguang, Chairman of Tianma Lighting, said at the Linyi Station of the 2013 China Good Products Tour Exhibition and Investment Promotion Conference.

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