Automobile sunroof detection automation management platform based on Zijinqiao configuration software development


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Zijinqiao software is an open platform that can connect various types of equipment through various communication methods. At the same time, it provides various common controls such as animation, report, curve, alarm, etc., and can quickly construct the hotel energy management monitoring system.

The building monitoring system based on Zijinqiao software has the following characteristics due to its openness:

The monitored devices are usually common hardware devices, and generally do not need to purchase some special control devices, such as lighting controllers;
There are many types of connected devices, and you can freely choose products with high cost performance according to the situation on site;
There are many ways to communicate, and you can choose serial, Ethernet, wireless, etc. according to the needs of the site;
The interface needs to be drawn according to the actual situation and customer needs, providing a variety of drawing tools, drawing convenient;
The software provides a variety of controls, which can easily implement functions such as historical curve, alarm query, accident recall, report and web publishing;

The energy monitoring and management system is based on the development of Zijinqiao configuration software, mainly for the application of automotive sunroof detection. It provides a scientific and automated management platform for the application of automobile sunroof detection from the aspects of thought, shape, management, technology and innovation.

system structure:

The system is divided into two parts: the master station and the slave station. The master station is the product inspection, and the slave station is the product verification check:

The host computer software of the main station adopts the Zijinqiao configuration software to insert the Advantech board on Advantech's integrated workstation for signal control and data acquisition. Advantech's PCI-1758UDIO (64-channel output, 64-channel digital input) The board is responsible for controlling various signals and signal feedback. The PCI-1715U (32-channel analog input) board is responsible for the acquisition of analog signals.

The slave PC software of the slave station uses the Zijinqiao configuration software to construct the slave function through Advantech's tablet + ADAM4056 (digital signal output) + ADAM4051 (digital signal input) + ADAM4017 (analog signal input).

The slave station reads the data of the master station product through the SQL SERVER, and returns the obtained final data to the master station for storage.

System Features:

The system is controlled by the host computer program. The parameters of the board are set by Advantech Device Manager of Advantech itself, and then the parameters of the module are set by Advantech's own Adam.NET Utility, and then the host computer adopts Zijinqiao configures the communication parameters to perform the same perfect communication. After using the host computer to give various signals, the signals can be observed through the two softwares of Advantech.

Main site:

In the manual mode, one-button shortcut operation can be realized for various series of actions, and some cylinders are controlled by a single point, and various signals are fed back through the sensor for easy observation;


In the automatic mode, when the program runs to which step, the screen required for the step will be automatically popped up for easy observation.



At the same time, the main station also includes parameter setting, account management, product selection, data statistics and so on.


Similar to the function of the main station, focusing on the re-detection of data:


Through the combination of the main station and the slave station of the system, not only can the quality of the product be detected, but also the online maintenance of the defective product can be conveniently performed, which greatly improves the yield of the product.

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