State Grid Releases 2011 Annual Informatization Report

On February 17, the State Grid Corporation of China 2011 Annual Informatization Report was officially released. This is the fourth annual informatization report released by the company since 2009.

The "Report" summarizes the information construction and application of the company in 2011. It fully demonstrates the company's core concepts and practices of informationization, information capabilities and values, and analyzes the informatization in service countries, service communities, and corporate management. The value reflects the company's ability to fulfill its social responsibilities and looks forward to the 2012 informationization work.

The "Report" was compiled according to the informatization theory model. The model consists of three parts: informatization strategy, information capability, and information value. Informatization strategy is based on the principle of strategic integration and guides the development direction of the company's informatization. Informatization capabilities refer to the state of service enterprises as their goal, and demonstrate the status of information construction and application. The concrete manifestations are the decision-making of informationization, infrastructure, construction and application, operation and management, information security, and the development of human resources. Informatization value refers to the performance and value brought by the company's informatization construction and application to corporate and social stakeholders, including the value of service country, service social value, service user value, industry collaboration value, enterprise management value, and employees. Development value.

Informatization is an inevitable choice for China to speed up industrialization and modernization. The company has always promoted informatization strategically and incorporated information construction into its development strategy. It is an important starting point for enhancing the core competitiveness of enterprises, realizing management innovation, and promoting scientific development. The company's informatization construction is based on the strategic core of “building an intelligent power grid and building an informatized enterprise”, adhering to the principles of “unified leadership, unified planning, uniform standards, and unified implementation”, accelerating the construction of an information project with the characteristics of the national grid, and supporting strong intelligence. The construction of the power grid and the "Three Sets and Five Majors" system promotes the modernization of corporate management and the scientific decision-making of companies.

The "Report" pointed out that in 2011 the company launched a comprehensive SG-ERP project, in-depth research on the information technology supporting the smart grid technology and standards system, more flexible and rapid response to smart grid construction; comprehensively promote the construction of human resource intensive management information system and Improve and complete the adaptability and improvement of the information systems of the two “five major” pilot units in Jiangsu and Chongqing; continue to deepen the application and deepen the application of business information, significantly improving the overall practicality of the company’s information system; The three disaster recovery centers will promote the construction of an integrated information transfer system for information systems, improve information security and operational standards, strengthen the construction of an informatized talent team, promote research and innovation in new technologies, and improve the informatization lean management capabilities. New informatization work has been achieved Progress.

The issuance of the "Report" is a concrete action for the State Grid Corporation to serve the party and the country as a whole, study and practice the scientific development concept in depth, and serve the construction of a harmonious socialist society. It is also a major measure for the company to fully demonstrate the capabilities and value of information service companies. The State Grid Corporation of China set up a new bridge of communication with the society, making it easier, more accurate, and more comprehensive for all sectors of the society to understand the informationization work of the State Grid Corporation of China and achieve mutual interaction and win-win results between the company and the community.

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