Lenovo Ultrabook U300s will be listed up to 14999 yuan in the near future

The ultrabook Ultrabook developed by Lenovo, the IdeaPad U300s, will first land on the Chinese market in the near future. It is understood that Lenovo Ultrabook U300s have i7 and i5 two configuration versions, Core i7 version price 14999 yuan, i5 version price 9999 yuan.

Ultrabook is an ultrabook concept put forward by Intel this year. It uses a special-purpose CPU platform and uses an SSD to realize high-performance, ultra-thin body and long standby time. Before the launch of Lenovo's Ultrabook U300S, ultra-pole products from vendors such as Acer, Asus, and Fujitsu also started to sell.

However, at present, the price of Ultrabook is relatively high. This has a lot to do with the high cost of SSD drives and the high cost of ultra-thin processing. In the ultrabooks of other brands, models with SSDs are generally available at around 10,000 yuan.

Ultrabook is still a new member of the notebook computer lineup. The product is closer to Apple's MacBook Air laptop and uses a more popular Windows system. The reason why the price of Ultrabooks is higher is that there are shipments. It is difficult to lower the unit price when the shipment volume is low.

According to the relevant person in charge of Lenovo's Ultrabooks, the IdeaPad U300s has already been partially shipped on the channel and will soon enter the market. It will first be registered in China, and the focus of the relevant team in 2012 is to develop more models and sizes. Extreme product.

After the manufacturers released their own ultrabook products, they are also continuing to promote the market. Their positioning is relatively high-end.

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