Unicom version of millet mobile phone sales today limited to 100

Unicom version of millet mobile phone to sell this day limited 100 Beijing time on December 28 news, China Unicom customized version of the millet phone is officially open for sale today, according to official website instructions show that millet mobile phone limited sales of 100 units a day, while supplies last.

China Unicom millet contract machine is divided into pre-stored calls to send mobile phones and purchase two kinds of calls into the network, the contract price of 2699 yuan, and iPhone4 enjoy the same subsidies, if the user chooses two years minimum monthly 186 yuan package or three years minimum 126 yuan per month Package, you can get 0 yuan millet phone.

Millet mobile phone bare metal prices are still $ 1,999, China Unicom provides access to the network by package 50% of the calls back in installment preferential measures.

Recently, some of China Unicom’s business offices have already sent wide-ranging sales messages to users, stating that Xiaomi’s mobile phones have arrived and will be open for sale at 9:00 every day from December 28 to January 1, and will be sold 100 times a day.

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Rated operating voltage: AC90-260V / 12V DC

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Suspended Installation Linear Light

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