BYD A shares IPO finalized 18 yuan / share can be purchased today

[High-tech LED News] On June 20, BYD announced that the initial public offering of A-shares will be priced at 18 yuan/share, and the price-to-earnings ratio will be 20.47 times. The company plans to issue no more than 79 million shares, raising funds of 1.422 billion yuan, 6 The 2.192 billion yuan financing plan announced in the prospectus on the evening of the 7th was shrunk by nearly 35%.

BYD issued 79 million shares, of which 15 million shares were issued offline, and the number of online issuances was 64 million shares. It can be officially purchased from June 21, and the funds raised will be invested in lithium-ion battery production projects and automobiles. R & D production base projects, expansion of varieties and auto parts construction projects.

Auto industry analysts said that in the current market environment and BYD's operating conditions, A-share listing is crucial for BYD. Whether it is in financing or in terms of corporate development strategy, the sooner the market is listed, the better. BYD regards this return to A shares as an opportunity. What is most needed is to achieve a win-win situation for capital platform and brand operation.

Analysts believe that after BYD returns to A-shares, it is undoubtedly the most representative new energy concept stock. Under the current policy-oriented role, it is expected to borrow the concept of new energy and exert its strength in the capital market.

For BYD, whether the traditional automobile market can develop rapidly and better is the top priority of whether to end the "painful period". For the three major industries of energy storage power stations, LEDs and new energy vehicles, BYD said that it is still in the initial stage of trial operation. When it is fully profitable, it has a lot to do with whether the market consumption environment is mature and various favorable policies support.

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