Shengpu Optoelectronics successfully won the bid for Nanjing Metro Lighting LED Reconstruction Project

[High-tech LED News] Ningbo Shengpu Optoelectronics successfully won the bid for the Nanjing LED Metro Line 1 station lighting LED renovation project. The company said that it is following Beijing Cuiwei Plaza, Beijing Wanda Plaza Headquarters, Xi'an Wanda Plaza, Qingdao Wanda Plaza, Nanning Wanda Plaza and so on. The project has adopted a new LED lighting renovation project in the new field after the LED lighting has won the bid.

As a national science and technology support plan and a national “863” semiconductor lighting major technology research project, the company said that the bid is based on its excellent performance, good credit, leading technology, best performance LED light source and The best overall solution stood out after two rounds of screening.

It is reported that Nanjing Metro Line 1 has a total of 16 stations (5 underground stations and 11 underground stations). From the north to the Maiqiao Bridge in the south, it is initially determined that the number of LED lamps purchased will be 8,000 sets, which will be the earliest lighting of domestic subway stations. One of the projects that used LED lighting to replace traditional lighting on a large scale, and was also the first subway lighting project to adopt EMC contract energy management mode.

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