Regarding the malicious reprint of this article, deliberately delete the strict statement of the high-tech LED word

Strict statement

Recently, we found that some websites deliberately deleted the contents of the texts related to “High-tech LED” and “High-tech LED Industry Research Institute” when reprinting the original articles written by Gaogong LED Network reporters, and did not indicate the source at the source of the article. "High-tech LED."

The original articles published on this website belong to the original author's spiritual labor achievements. Anyone who reprints the original works of this website on the Internet or various publications must indicate the author and indicate that the works are from Gaogong LED network, otherwise it is malicious. Reprinted, Gaogong LED Network has the right to prohibit other websites from reprinting.

If we find similar incidents in the future, Gaogong LED Network will pursue the above maliciously reproduced websites through legal channels. I hope that everyone can jointly maintain the good order and norms of the original content reprinted by the Internet.

Gaogong LED website editorial department
June 21, 2011

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Mobile LED Display

Mobile LED Display

Mobile Led Display

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