Common sense of the refrigerator: the seven tricks of using the refrigerator

Using the refrigerator skillfully, it is difficult to remove the chewing gum on the clothes. The clothes can be put into the refrigerator, and the chewing gum becomes crisp after freezing, and can be removed by tapping. 2, the birthday candle is frozen in the refrigerator for 24 hours, and then inserted on the cake, there will be no situation where the wax oil flows down the cake. 3, beer, red wine and brandy, pour in the system

Auto Interior Lamp Bulb

The bulbs are installed inside of a vehicle. There are many different types of interior bulb. Interior lights for indoor lighting are usually installed in the center of the car interior. It's better to light up the car interior evenly. In addition, the light switch (SW) should be operated on both front and rear seats at the time of layout. SW generally has ON, OFF, and door linkage 3 locations. In order to reduce the thickness of the lamp, 5-10w bulb bulbs are usually used. To meet the illumination requirement of capacious indoor, the power of the bulb that uses is commonly 8~30W. The original reading light in the car is designed to read the map. In order to drive the driver, read the light and light up to the point, only on the required part. The rear reading lamp is the rear seat special reading light, with a larger point light illumination. Be careful not to give the driver and other passengers a sense of vertigo. The light can be connected to the door and switch. When the door is open, the lamp is mounted on the door to illuminate the foot part of the room and the outside foot. In order to give the signal to the back of the car, the installation position should be considered. The lamp has no special switch, but is connected with the door.

Auto Interior Lamp Bulb

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