Design of a home theater AV combination with superior performance

This article introduces a set of high-performance, low-cost family VA, which is very suitable for the majority of enthusiasts. Let the listener's feelings in the living room (about 10 square meters) take it to the next level.

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Circuit principle:

Process control. The functions of each potentiometer are as follows: RP1 is the surround sound channel sound effect volume control, RP2 is the front left and right channel balance control, RP3 is the left and right channel volume control, RP4 is the front center channel volume control, RP5, RP6 are respectively Low and high-pitched control of the front left and right channels. The functions of S1 and S2 are: S1 high level, S2 low level is concert hall mode; S1 low level, S2 high level is cinema mode; S1 and S2 are high level for analog stereo mode; S1 S2 is low level for stereo through state.

Component selection and production:

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Main features 

1.Vibration reminding when phone call comes in.

2.rubbish finish with Detachable cable

3.Delivers enhanced audio and bass response and a host of calling features in a sleek, comfortable design. 
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6. Gift box packing per pc 

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