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According to the definition of the China Internet of Things School-Enterprise Alliance, the Internet of Vehicles is a huge interactive network composed of information such as vehicle position, speed and route. Through GPS, RFID, sensors, camera image processing and other devices, the vehicle can complete the collection of its own environment and state information; through the Internet technology, all vehicles can aggregate their various information transmission to the central processor; through computer technology, these Information on a large number of vehicles can be analyzed and processed to calculate the optimal route for different vehicles, report road conditions in time, and schedule signal periods.

Background and abstract

On October 28, 2010, China International Internet of Things (Sensor Network) Expo and China Internet of Things Conference opened in Wuxi. Vice Minister of the Ministry of Industry and Information, Guo Guohua, provincial leader Yang Weize, Shi Heping, and representatives of relevant state ministries, experts and manufacturers attended the opening ceremony. The expo was co-sponsored by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Jiangsu Provincial Government. It is also the highest-level national expo in the field of Internet of Things. The Expo is based on the theme of “Knowledge Technology, Perceive the Future”. The exhibition attracted more than 250 famous domestic and foreign manufacturers to participate.

The conference pointed out that "car networking" will form a huge emerging industry. Organizations and companies with certain research capabilities in the field of Internet of Things, such as IBM, Cisco, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and Tongji University, participated in the conference. The Secretary-General of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, academician He Hezhen, Chinese Academy of Sciences academician He Jifeng and other famous Internet of Things research experts and scholars gave speeches and reports on the Internet of Things industry. Academician He Hezhen pointed out that the application of Internet of Things technology in all walks of life, including the application in intelligent transportation, that is, vehicle networking, is an effective way to solve traffic problems.

System introduction

From the network point of view, the IOV system is a three-tier system of "end pipe cloud".

The first layer (end system): the end system is the intelligent sensor of the car, which is responsible for collecting and acquiring the intelligent information of the vehicle, and sensing the driving state and environment; it is a ubiquitous communication terminal with in-vehicle communication, workshop communication and vehicle network communication; It is also a device that allows the car to have capabilities such as IOV addressing and network trusted identification.

The second layer (pipe system): to solve the interconnection between vehicles and vehicles (V2V), vehicles and roads (V2R), vehicles and networks (V2I), vehicles and people (V2H), to achieve vehicle self-organizing network and a variety of different Communication and roaming between networks ensures real-time, serviceability and network ubiquity in terms of function and performance. At the same time, it is the unification of public network and private network.

The third layer (cloud system): The Internet of Vehicles is a cloud-based vehicle operation information platform. Its ecological chain includes ITS, logistics, passenger and freight, hazardous vehicles, auto repair auto parts, car rental, enterprise vehicle management, and automobiles. Manufacturers, 4S stores, vehicle management, insurance, emergency rescue, mobile Internet, etc., are the convergence of multi-source and massive information, so cloud computing functions such as virtualization, security authentication, real-time interaction, mass storage, etc. are needed, and the application system is also around the vehicle. A composite system of data aggregation, calculation, scheduling, monitoring, management and application.

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