Powerful, efficient, surface mountable OSTAR Lighting Plus into a new power portfolio

OSTAR Lighting Plus is a new force in the high-power portfolio of OSRAM Opto Semiconductors, offering excellent brightness with a small illuminated surface and superior to its predecessor in terms of luminous efficiency. With its excellent brightness and color stability, this high-power LED is perfectly suited for use as a retrofit light source for incandescent and halogen lamps. It consists of four chips assembled using state-of-the-art chip technology that emits cool white or warm white light.

This LED produces exceptional brightness of 425 lm (color range 5700 K to 6500 K) or 365 lm (color temperature 2700 K to 4000 K) at 350 mA, which is roughly equivalent to 100 lm/W or 80 lm. Typical luminous efficiency of /W. According to Andreas Vogler, Marketing Manager, General Lighting (SSL) Division, Osram Opto Semiconductors Germany, OSTAR Lighting Plus is also highly efficient at higher operating currents and provides high brightness output due to the extremely uniform distribution of light flux across the chip surface. OSTAR Lighting Plus has a higher average brightness level on the die area and is ideal for compact space lighting applications such as LED fixtures and retrofit lamps. The LED's ANSI-compliant sorting system with subdivided grades ensures white light uniformity and, thanks to its surface mount technology, it is very easy to use.

The warm white OSTAR version, which consumes less than 5 W, contains only 4 chips and has a brightness of 365 lm, which is much brighter than a 25 W, 220 lm incandescent bulb. Although the luminous flux is 65% higher, it can save 80% of energy and make a huge contribution to energy-saving lighting. Only four OSTAR Lighting Plus units are required to replace the 100 W matte incandescent lamp. In addition, its color rendering index is 80, which is equally impressive.

Applications for the new high-power LEDs range from indoor lighting in stores, offices and homes, including spotlights and many other lighting applications that require directional glare from compact bodies. The compact size of the OSTAR Lighting Plus is also ideal for applications where halogen lamps are currently predominantly used.

OSTAR Lighting Plus will debut at the booth #107 in Hall A3 of the Munich Electronics Show in November 2010 and is scheduled to be available in early 2010.

For more information on OSRAM's participation in the Electronics Show, please visit ectronica2010 or visit the mobile website at

Image source: Osram


An efficient alternative to incandescent light sources. The new OSTAR Lighting Plus delivers exceptional brightness, and a variety of white tone versions ensure high color stability.

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