Taiwan's 20 street lamp manufacturers alliance to seize the international market

Taiwan has announced that it will form an "LED Street Light Industry Alliance" with 20 LED (semiconductor lighting technology) manufacturers on the island to build an internationally competitive LED street lamp industry base to seize the international market.

According to Taiwan's "Economic Daily" report, the international street lamp market is growing year by year. It is estimated that the global LED street lamp market will reach 2.5 million baht in 2010 and about NT$30 billion. "LED Street Light Industry Alliance" president Qu Xinsheng said that the LED street lights produced by Taiwan's LED street lamp manufacturers have begun to be installed in North America, Europe and Southeast Asia, but lack of integrated system resources. The alliance will promote the standardization of LED street lamp modules and street lamp technology innovation, develop new LED street lamps, and improve the life, reliability and quality of LED street lamps. In addition, it will accelerate the promotion of Taiwan LED street light standards into international standards and promote cooperation between the two sides of the LED industry.

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