The 4th China Lighting and Lighting Industry Annual Billboard Awards Gala was held

Jin Ge Hao Yan on the victory, the brilliance of the blueprint feast 2009 The 4th China Lighting and Lighting Industry Annual Billboard Awards Gala was held

The past 2009 is the year of Daqing, the 60th anniversary of the founding of New China. It is also an important year for the lighting industry to withstand the test of the financial crisis and break through development. At this special moment, Chinese lighting and lighting companies have worked hard to overcome various difficulties, constantly innovate, forge ahead, overcome the financial crisis, and have won one victory after another. With the improvement of the domestic and international economic situation, it has ushered in a brand new Development situation. In order to conscientiously summarize the experience and lessons of the lighting industry in response to the crisis, and explore the development path of the lighting industry in the post-crisis era, the China International Brand Association hosted the Guangdong Lighting Association and the China Lighting Report to host the feast of the 4th China Lighting Industry. The annual Billboard selection event, January 16th, as the final link of the selection event, the awards ceremony was grandly announced at the Xiaolan Town Gymnasium in Zhongshan City.

Executive Secretary of the Asian Energy Forum Federation Bu Weinian, Vice Mayor of Zhongshan City Feng Rongrong, Xiaolan Town Party Secretary Huang Biaoquan, Xiaolan Town Mayor Peng Zhihui, China Building Decoration Association Secretary-General Liu Xiaoyi, China International Brand Association President Ma Xiuqun , Lin Jianping, deputy secretary general of China Lighting Association, Li Jianbiao, executive director of Zhongshan Xiaolan Town Chamber of Commerce, Wang Hao, secretary general of Guangdong LED Industry Alliance, Deng Chaohua, chairman of Zhongshan Semiconductor Lighting Industry Technology Alliance, and other party and government organizations and industry organizations attend. More than 3,600 representatives from manufacturers, merchants and industry associations from all over the country attended the party. The awarding party was hosted by Ma Bin, the former host of CCTV. He also invited the domestic popular children's star Alpha, famous power singer Tian Zhen, and famous military singer Qi Weihua to help out. Therefore, the awards show is very high-profile, large-scale, lively and lively, and has become a well-deserved Oscar awards ceremony for the lighting industry.

Strong support from local governments

Different from previous years, this awarding party was strongly supported by the government of Zhongshan City and Xiaolan Town, and Xiaolan Town became one of the co-organizers of the awarding party. This indicates that the 4th China Lighting and Lighting Industry Annual Billboard Selection Event was recognized by the local government.

Feng Rongrong, deputy mayor of Zhongshan City, who was present at the party, said in an interview that Zhongshan is the largest lighting industry base in the country. The Outline of the Pearl River Delta Reform and Development Plan issued by the State Council clearly stated that it is vigorously developing the Zhongshan lighting industry cluster. Sponsored by China International Brand Association and sponsored by China Lighting Association, the feast series of lighting and lighting industry annual activity list is based in Zhongshan City, facing the whole of China, with great influence in China, brand promotion for the lighting industry and Marketing has played an important role. In the past activities, the majority of Zhongshan enterprises actively participated in the selection activities, which not only expanded their brand influence, but also enhanced the influence of the Zhongshan lighting industry cluster.

Xiao Zhizhen, the mayor of Xiaolan Town, said in his speech at the awards ceremony that the lighting industry is booming and Xiaolan Town is determined to seize the opportunity to vigorously develop the lighting industry and push the lighting industry in Xiaolan Town to a new level. In 2009, Xiaolan Town took the lead in supporting several lighting companies to release advertisements during the prime time of CCTV, reflecting the image of Xiaolanzhi's industrial cluster. At the beginning of 2010, Xiaolan Town became a feast for the 2009-4th China Lighting Industry Co-organizers and hosts of the Fengyun List Awards Ceremony, this is another important measure for Xiaolan Town to promote the development of the local lighting industry. I believe this initiative will promote the local lighting industry. We also hope that Xiaolan Town enterprises can actively participate in the industry selection activities, be good at brand promotion, build national brands, and add luster to the development of Xiaolan Town's lighting industry, thus promoting Xiaolan Town to become a national-level lighting industry base.

Famous singers enthusiastically help out

The awards evening is at the end of the year. At this time, many companies will hold a variety of cultural activities. However, the entire industry also needs a cultural activity to break the corporate wall, strengthen industry exchanges, and celebrate the industry's New Year. This awards evening party not only integrated into the general literary and artistic programs, but also invited Tian Tian, ​​the singer of the singer, the military singer, Wei Weihua, and the famous children's star Alpha to stage the show, which attracted the majority of local residents to enter the stadium. The climax of the party was superficial, and it was very enthusiastic. Activities in the lighting industry are certainly unprecedented.

Moreover, the lighting industry is a low-profile industry. The appearance of big-name stars has increased the public's attention to the lighting industry, and people outside the industry have seen that the lighting industry is also an energy, potential, passionate and promising industry. . At present, some advanced companies hire stars as image spokespersons to accelerate brand popularity, and this awards evening will undoubtedly promote the popularity of the entire lighting industry and deepen the public's brand awareness of the lighting industry. As Wei Weihua said, I went to Xiaolan Town to know that most of the lamps in my house were made in this place. I will pay more attention to this industry in the future. Therefore, the feast series activities will continue to work harder and better, and make greater contributions to the popularization of the lighting industry.

New and old brands fight for advanced position

The results of this year's selection reflect two characteristics, that is, the old brand is old and strong, and the new brand is emerging. As the leading brand of home lighting, Op, this time has won the honor of the home lighting leader brand. Over the years, Oupu has focused on the promotion of mass media, which is rare in the industry. This time, the re-emergence in the industry selection shows that it attaches importance to enhancing the influence of the industry and attaches importance to this selection activity. Other old brands, Mingda, Benbang, Knock, Oriental Lighting, Oriental Mingshi, etc. have all maintained their position as leaders in their respective fields; and some industry rookies such as Hongbao Electric, Winbond Lighting, Gaoxun Lighting, lightning lighting, etc. also boarded the Hall of Fame and became the winner of different awards. From this, we have seen the old brands in times of danger, and strive to continuously consolidate and enhance their position in the industry; the new brand hopes to develop rapidly and get the industry's awareness as soon as possible, showing that the branding competition in the lighting industry is intensifying.

Distributors not only sell branded products, but also become a channel brand. Dealers are also striving for greater industry voices, so they are also expanding their industry influence in various ways to strengthen their position of cooperation and negotiation with manufacturers. This year's selection campaign selected a number of influential dealers in various places, so that dealers once again felt their value was affirmed, let them realize that they are also an important pole of the industry, not downstream of the manufacturers. As the industry matures, the value of the distributor's channel brand will definitely rise further, and the industry structure and channel model may also undergo fundamental changes.

Energy-saving lighting has become a trend

In 2009, China increased the implementation of the energy conservation and emission reduction strategy, hosted the World Low Carbon and Eco-Economy Conference, and promised a higher emission reduction task at the Copenhagen Global Climate Conference. To this end, China has expanded the scale of promotion of high-efficiency lighting products and promoted the transformation and upgrading of traditional lighting product manufacturing enterprises.

To this end, as an industry event, this year's selection activities clearly regard energy-saving lighting as their unshirkable responsibility. This year's selection event has specially established the New Energy Outstanding Brand Award, and six companies have won awards. At the awarding ceremony, a group of energy-saving lighting enterprises also stepped forward to read the "Green Energy Conservation Declaration Responsibility": Advocating energy-saving, environmental protection, healthy green lifestyle, responding to the call for energy conservation and emission reduction, this is our responsibility and obligation . We are here to take the oath, start from me, and do our part to make our own contribution to the well-being of all mankind.

As a co-organizer, China Lighting has always attached great importance to the energy-saving lighting industry. It has not only long-termly opened a column to publicize and report on the energy-saving lighting industry and its applications, but also participated in related activities many times. Last year, it jointly organized a high-efficiency lighting product forum in Guangdong Province. Great impact. In the future, China Lighting Report will continue to play the role of the media, fulfill the obligations of the media, and make greater contributions to energy-saving lighting.

Industrial workers are highly respected

At this awarding party, the editor of China Lighting News, Euro Spring, stressed in his speech that the lighting industry has achieved today's achievements, thanks to thousands of industrial workers who have personally produced one piece of excellent products. This is the first time in the lighting industry to recognize the important role of industrial workers in this kind of industry activity.

Indeed, China can become a factory in the world, and the role of industrial workers should be a book. At the 30th anniversary of the reform and opening up of the Guangdong Province in December 2008, Wang Yang, member of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee and secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Party Committee, stressed that Guangdong Province would like to thank thousands of migrant workers from all over the country who are in the Pearl River Delta region. The prosperity has made an indelible contribution. In the December 2009 issue of the magazine "Time" in the United States, four women workers from Shenzhen LED manufacturing companies were on the lookout. The weekly magazine believes that Chinese workers have made significant contributions to the recovery of the world economy. The praise of the workers.

At present, the so-called labor shortage in the Pearl River Delta region once again highlights the importance of industrial workers. In order to transform and upgrade China's manufacturing industry, we must pay attention not only to technological innovation, business strategy, but also to the workforce. Improving the treatment of employees and caring about the development of employees is not only a necessary condition for the long-term development of enterprises, but also the only way for the transformation and upgrading of industrial economy. It is also the specific implementation of the state's reform of income distribution system, increasing the proportion of labor income and expanding domestic demand policies.

In the past, there was a song that sang well: our workers have power. In the lighting industry, manufacturing workers are sure to show greater productivity.

Media status has been improved

The feast series industry selection activities co-organized by China Lighting Report has made extensive influence in the industry. More importantly, it has made outstanding contributions to the industry since its publication more than 6 years ago. People in the industry have realized that the industry needs excellent media. The popularity of lighting brands is inseparable from the cooperation of industry media, and the work of China's lighting reports is obvious to all. To this end, the Guangdong Lighting Association decided to hire the editor of the China Lighting Report, Euro Spring as the Deputy Secretary-General, and held a ceremony at the awards evening.

Euro Spring said that our "China Lighting Report" has always been adhering to the principle of serving the successful enterprise and serving the success of the company. We adhere to the business policy of being close to the industry, close to the enterprise and close to the market, and play the positive role of the industrial newspaper for lighting. The development of the industry has shouted and won the recognition of the whole industry. Our "China Lighting Report" will definitely continue to make new contributions to the development of the industry.

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