Hitachi's new development of red LEDs reduces the cost of chips by half

On February 24th, Hitachi Cable ( Ltd.) has developed a red LED chip that is about 20 times brighter than previous products. The company has expanded the chip area to nearly ten times, allowing it to withstand high currents. If the number of chips is significantly reduced by the same amount of light source, the cost of the chip can be reduced by half. Therefore , it is expected to reduce the cost of the chip by half . It is expected to be sold in the form of a signal light or a large liquid crystal panel. The overall turnover of LED chip products can reach the goal of 500 million yen.

    If you want to increase the amount of light from the chip, you must increase the chip so that the entire surface can pass current; in addition, you need an electrode design that does not block light. Therefore, the company has two circular electrode pads on the surface of the chip and is connected by a thick electrode wire called a main electrode; in addition, six thin electrode wires perpendicular to the main electrode are provided so that each corner can be Power on and does not hinder illumination.

    The new chip is one square centimeter in size and achieves 55 lumens while the company's previous products are around 0.33 square centimeters and 2.6 lumens. If a newly developed chip is used, the amount of chips used in the signal lamp can be reduced from the original 200 to less than 10; at the same time, the number of parts required for each chip can be greatly reduced.

    According to the Japanese police agency, the penetration rate of LED signal lights was about 15% in 2007, and there is an increasing trend every year. Hitachi Cable's goal is not only to stop in Japan, but also to expand the demand for traffic lights in overseas countries such as Asia, and to continue to work toward the use of large-scale outdoor LCD panels and projectors.

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