Why is the 380 °C soldering iron not on the tin?

Why is the 380 °C soldering iron not on the tin?

It is absolutely impossible for the 380 °C soldering iron to not be tinned.

Then why is there a customer reaction to the lead soldering at 380 ° C with 936 soldering station? First of all, this 380 ° C is measured in a static situation, and actually there is no such high temperature at the moment of welding. I will use the HAKKO936 soldering station to give an example.

Take the HAKKO936 soldering station as an example to see the relationship between temperature and soldering speed in the case of leaded and lead-free soldering:

Welding wire type melting point welding temperature welding speed
6337 welding wire 183 ° C 350 ° C about 4 seconds / lead-free wire 220 ° C 390 ° C about 6 seconds /

Our normal welding speed is 3-4 seconds for one solder joint, while the HAKKO936 soldering station is about 6 seconds/b solder joint for lead-free soldering at 390 °C. The domestic 936 soldering station takes longer. Different soldering station temperature compensation capabilities are different, the faster the better, the domestic 936 soldering station temperature compensation ability is poor, the temperature is not reached during normal soldering. Therefore, there have been cases where the customer reacted with the 936 soldering station at 380 ° C for lead-free soldering without the soldering iron tip.

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