Haoran Technology will set up a factory in Africa

The King of Swaziland, Nswati III, came to Taiwan to seek Taiwanese investment. The Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Ma Xiama, who visited the king, visited Taiwan Haoran Technology Co., Ltd. to seek cooperation opportunities for high-power LED lighting. Haoran Technology released the willingness to invest in the establishment of the factory in Swaziland. If all goes well, Haoran Technology will become the first LED manufacturer in Taiwan to set up a factory in Shiguo.

Swaziland has fewer villains, but embraces the vast African market. At present, more than 80% of Swaziland's electricity depends on South Africa. Hao Ran Technology CEO Liang Jianguo said that if lighting is started from every household's daily lighting, LED lighting can save more than 80% of electricity, so the same power consumption can illuminate more. The Swaziland region serves more people.

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