Teach you how to identify and select car lights to change their own lights

According to the relevant experts of the State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision, the car headlights are one of the important components to ensure the safe operation of the road. The light distribution characteristics and illuminance of the headlights are important indicators to ensure the safety of the car. According to the data, 25% of the total mileage of the vehicle is driven at night and under natural light. In this case, personal injury accidents account for 33% of the total number of traffic accidents and 50% of deaths. It happened at night. Experts believe that unqualified headlamps do not provide good lighting for the driver, and some also cause strong glare to the opposite driver and road pedestrians, directly related to personal safety.

However, the current car lights on the market, how do consumers identify the quality of the lights? Here are some simple lighting identification methods and lamp replacement guides, I hope to help you buy the lights.

Identification of car bulbs

1. Check the size of the bulb. Is there a manufacturer name, address, telephone number, implementation standard, trademark grade, packaging design, whether the printing is exquisite and beautiful, and whether the brand is a professional manufacturer.

2. Appearance: Visually feel fine workmanship

3. Photoelectric parameters: Conditional instrumentation can be used to check whether the current, luminous flux and life of the bulb have reached the parameters specified in the relevant standards, and judged whether it is qualified or not.

When consumers buy a light bulb, they can get the quality of the first three bulbs.

Inferior bulb characteristics

1. The packaging design is rough, the imprint is unclear, there is no factory name, no address, no phone, no execution standard.

2. The appearance is dirty and rough.

3. Most of the various photoelectric parameters are unqualified.

Do not care about the light bulb

1. New varieties that have not been heard should be understood in depth and cannot be easily purchased.

2. When you purchase the light bulb, find out whether it is a car light bulb or a light bulb for which part of the car. Don't be careless.

Do it yourself

Due to the late start of the market and other factors, the tools currently provided to the owner for DIY in the aftermarket of the automobile are very limited. Therefore, the vehicle maintenance and repair projects that the owner can complete DIY are also very small. In view of this, we will explain the replacement of the lights. Principles and basic steps.

According to the function, we generally divide the lights into three categories: lighting (headlights), signal lights (including turn signals, position lights, brake lights, etc.) and interior lighting.

In order to facilitate management, the relevant departments have imposed mandatory regulations on the power of the former two. The wattage of the headlights cannot exceed 50-60W, and the wattage and color of the signal lights are also limited. Policies to avoid the annual review of the vehicle due to irregular lighting, or to be investigated by the traffic police on the road.

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