Who can save China's LED lighting industry?

"In the emerging industry where LED lighting will develop rapidly in the future, as long as 20% of general-purpose lighting uses LEDs in 2015, it will reach a market scale of 500 billion yuan and drive millions of people to work." I do not know how many people and entrepreneurs see this. When I heard the news, I thought about it: 500 billion yuan, as long as one percent of the market share is 5 billion, haha, that’s great. Even if you don’t want one percent, as long as one thousandth is 500 million, 20% of the profits will earn 100 million a year. One thousandth of the market share is no problem, that is, according to the average share, there are a thousand enterprises, there are also one thousandth of the market! The prospect is too attractive! Don't think too much, let's do LED lighting quickly. So, on the market, I know LED, don't know LED, do shoes, make clothes, do architecture, paint, make hardware and plastic... all of a This industry, and have played what "China's largest LED manufacturing company", "China LED lighting leader", "LED lighting experts" ... title. It seems that as long as the LED is done, it is a high-tech expert who is "high-eight", and it has become a rich man with billions of assets. The enterprise is a large enterprise with an annual output of several billion.

However, what is the current status of the domestic LED industry? Take the LED street lamp industry, most companies lose money, and a few companies that do not lose money are generally supported by traditional business. But despite the losses, these corporate CEOs are still "painful and happy." The reason for the pain was that although I had a high-tech LED, I didn't get a few decent orders. Just got a few orders, the lights are also installed on the road, but because of the light decay of the LED lamps produced by them, the more the lights are darker, the more and more afraid of the heart, I do not know which day, the lighting is not serious, How to explain to the government and the people? At present, with the technology of their company, they can not solve the problems of light decay, heat dissipation and light distribution on LED lamps. Although these can't be told to outsiders, they still bravely praised the "XX brand and illuminate the world", so the heart is contradictory and painful. Despite the pain, I think that China has a huge pie of thousands of billions of markets to eat, and if the company is well-funded, it can also be listed for the money of the investors. Considering that the Chinese government has never hesitated about the future of LED lighting, and will also introduce a series of preferential policies and support measures to support the development of the LED lighting industry. At the thought of these, these entrepreneurs are very happy. Anyway, the Chinese government's money is flickering, just swollen and fat, continue to flicker, gamble! This is the status quo of China's LED lighting industry - painful endurance, happy fantasy. But there is no serious thinking: Where does this pain come from? How to eliminate and alleviate this pain?

There is no doubt that the Chinese government can support the demonstration of LED lighting, which can be said to be the most supportive of governments around the world. Billions of RMB for the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand” demonstration project have been thrown in. But what is the actual effect? ​​Many LED street lights have to be removed due to severe light decay for several months. Some lights are still bright, but they are gradually dimmed. For the sake of face, they are still dead! The street lamps of a well-known enterprise sent hundreds of people to "fire" maintenance throughout the country. People can't help but ask: What are the reasons for all these losses? When you think about it, the hateful thing is that China has become a testing ground for some so-called advanced developed LED lighting! Many LED street lamp manufacturers have become victims. But still being kept in the dark. They even smugly preached: "We have already won nearly 2,000 kilometers of LED streetlight demonstration projects!" These companies have become a tool for some foreign companies to make money from the Chinese government and earn taxpayers. Because a company propaganda: "We use the LED light source of the famous brand of imported × country × × company, its price is as high as nearly 30 yuan per watt. So we count a hundred watt LED lamps for sale. The price of RMB 7,000 is not high!” Our government pays 6,000 yuan for each lamp. In a few years, 2,000 kilometers of street lamps will cost more than 10 billion yuan, and × foreign companies will easily take Going 50%. Those with a little bit of semiconductor knowledge know that LED chips are extremely inexpensive to manufacture, and that the cost of manufacturing foreign advanced technology is even lower. Originally only 10 yuan a watt of things, how to sell 30 yuan a watt at once? These companies are willingly to promote, advertise that they are using imported brands, help these foreign companies to make money for Chinese people! But what do these companies get? It’s ridiculous to get the other half of the renminbi. The result is that they have used foreign LED light sources to produce unqualified LED luminaire products without government engineering and I married the end of my brand. At this time, will these foreign companies take care of you? What they advertised as "XX core, Chinese love", they used their "black heart" to earn Chinese money! So we have to ruminate Ask yourself: Why did you use the products of well-known foreign brands, and finally this ending? This is an important issue for our government officials, experts, especially LED lighting manufacturers to seriously think about! We can only really understand this problem. Only through understanding, can we save our LED street lighting industry, so that our LED lighting manufacturers can avoid going astray. The emerging lighting industry of our country of 500 billion yuan can develop healthily.

Here, you can't help but ask, where is the key to the problem? Let us ask: Which countries have the best LEDs? You may think that the United States, Japan, Germany, South Korea, etc. are all in the same place. Please think about these developed capitalist countries. Since their technology is so good, why should their country not spend billions and tens of billions of dollars to engage in the demonstration project of LED "Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Cities"? Give you a demonstration project for the Chinese? This is where the problem lies. Because they know that the demonstration is the test, it is a risk to pay. Isn't the Chinese very smart? Learn about the world's advanced technology. But this point, the Chinese people have tasted bitter fruit on LED lighting. Foreigners not only sold our LED high-tech products, but also sold us a packaged LED light source mode, guiding our Chinese companies to manufacture lighting fixtures according to this packaged LED light source mode. As mentioned above, the LED luminaires that use the LED light source mode idea of ​​foreigners can be imagined. Foreigners think: Anyway, your Chinese government now has money. It doesn't matter if you spend money. Isn't Chinese companies reluctant to spend money on research and development? Then you can take the money to buy lessons! When the Chinese finally understand, a lot of foreign exchange. Has been earned by foreigners. And our government officials and some experts and scholars, and even more entrepreneurs, are still arrogant: our LED lamps are imported light sources! It can be said that the entire industry has been fooled by foreigners! Because foreigners Starting with a packaged LED light source sold to the Chinese, the entire industry is going to detour. Because no matter what manufacturer you are, no matter how high your technology is, you only need to use the LED light source as the light fixture, you must design the LED light fixture according to the characteristics of this light source. Thus, China has produced LED lighting fixtures consisting of dozens or even hundreds of LED light sources of the same structure. The structure of these lamps is basically the same, that is, the LED light source is encapsulated on a heat sink by the LED crystal, the light-emitting surface is protected by the resin lens package and the illumination angle is good, and dozens, hundreds of such light sources are mounted on a printed circuit aluminum substrate. The aluminum substrate is then mounted to an integral heat sink lamp housing. In order to do a good job of light distribution, a lens made of PC or PMMA material is added to the LED light source, commonly known as "peanut lens." Then, in order to be waterproof and dustproof, it is necessary to add a glass lampshade to seal. Or instead of "peanut lens" light distribution, a coated reflector is used to open a LED light source cavity on the cover for reflecting light distribution. Then install the drive power, after the wiring is energized, the LED lights up, everyone is very happy. The "high-tech" LED luminaires have been developed in this way! But after the lights are on for a while, they find problems. The internal junction temperature is too high, the light decay is too great, and the light decays by tens of percent in less than a few months. Therefore, each manufacturer is racking their brains and trying every means to find ways to reduce the thermal resistance between the LED light source and the LED heat sink, to the printed aluminum substrate, and to the heat sink. Therefore, there is no other way, only filled with low thermal resistance thermal grease. However, where is the low thermal resistance thermal grease? Only foreigners have it. Therefore, the manufacturers will spare no expense to buy, even if it is a high price of tens of dollars a gram to buy it! Who expected, this has been earned by foreigners! After spending money, Although the thermal resistance of the lamps has been reduced, the light decay is still serious! At this time, the foreigners said that the materials of the PCs and PMMA materials that the Chinese people use as lenses are too bad, and they are prone to aging, but only use our foreign countries. The material is fine. As a result, many manufacturers imported a large number of foreign PC, PMMA materials, thinking that this can reduce light decay. As everyone knows, no matter whether imported rubber or imported PC materials, it can't fundamentally solve the problem of LED heat dissipation and light decay, but it is just being fooled by foreigners. So far, it can be said that Chinese companies use this kind of foreign-designed light source mode to do LED lamps. No one really solves the problem of heat dissipation and light decay of high-power LED lamps. This is the current sadness of the Chinese LED lighting industry.

Why did you get into this strange circle? A senior scientist from NASA said in a word: The current LED light source package mode is the package mode when LEDs were used to indicate and display lights. Even the W-level package mode is just one. Improvements only do not meet the requirements of low thermal resistance and high light and low light decay required by the 100W class power source lighting package mode! It is no wonder that most Chinese LED lighting fixtures cannot break through the heat dissipation and light decay problems. Because the light source mode used in this lighting fixture is the mode for display and indicator light! It’s ridiculous to think about it! So many smart Chinese people have been fooled for many years! But so far, Chinese LED lighting companies can wake up How many other? Even a few experts are still screaming unrealistically: LED lamps made by discrete light sources are the most dispersed and the best heat dissipation structure. Think about it! These experts and professors are national elites. They should have been at the forefront of technology, but they have also been fooled by foreigners. They don't think about and study practical LED lighting technology with Chinese characteristics, but they help foreigners to fool China! Of course, this is only a few people, and there is nothing to worry about! Just be an academic argument! Let them fight go with. Fortunately, the LED lighting industry has developed to this day, many of our government officials, experts, professors, researchers have discovered this problem, and in some areas stopped the street light produced by the LED light source mode for indication and display. Demonstration Project. The beginning of the real lighting industry product development direction and mode of thinking: LED lighting is not wrong, LED development prospects are not wrong, the wrong is wrong in the product structure model. Because this foreign light source mode of the lamp product structure mode makes the LED lamp heat dissipation, the light effect does not come, the light decay is very serious. In fact, the method of correction is not difficult: it is to change the current LED light source package mode and lamp structure mode. It adopts the structural mode of low-thermal resistance low-light-reduction LED light source and LED lamp which are invented by our own innovation and have their own intellectual property rights and meet the needs of high-power lighting.

Fortunately, an LED light source and luminaire model product that is truly suitable for lighting requirements has emerged in the Chinese market, and companies have their own intellectual property rights. Some good company R&D teams have been working with experts and professors from the Institute of Electric Light Sources of Fudan University in Shanghai and the School of Optoelectronics of Zhejiang University to develop low-resistance integrated high-power LED light source modules, integrated light distribution modules, rare earth heat sinks and heat sink modules. And a power drive control module. They eliminated the quick success, the impetuous interference, the painstaking research, the hard work, and solved the problem one by one. Through the optimized combination of various modules, the real high-power lighting LED lamps were realized. At present, the company represented by this company adopts 10-100w integrated LED light source module with domestic LED chip package, and the light source light efficiency has exceeded 120lm/w. The 120w LED lamp made with this light source has passed the national electric light source quality supervision and inspection. Center (Shanghai) testing, the overall lighting efficiency reached 90.9lm / w, its high luminous flux integrated high-power single-chip LED lighting technology level is in the world's leading position. Its LED junction temperature (at an ambient temperature of 25 ° C) was tested at 50 ° C. The company's demonstration lamps installed in the Suzhou Industrial Park, after six months of monitoring, did not detect light decay. The LED lamps installed in Kunshan are lit for 24 hours, and have been running continuously for more than 25,000 hours, achieving a measured effect of less than 10% of light decay. The company has obtained such good measured and tested data. The raw materials used for the protection of silica gel and gold wire for protection are imported materials, such as LED chips, liquid crystal for solid crystal heat transfer, phosphor, ceramic package substrate, rare earth aluminum. Alloy heat-dissipating materials, glass materials for light distribution lenses, etc., all use domestic materials and materials developed by the company's independent intellectual property rights.

I believe that the LED lighting industry, after painstaking pains, will definitely wake up and reach a consensus: only adhere to the road of independent innovation, increase the research and development of LED from wafer growth to LED light source packaging structure and LED lamp structure model, from basic raw material research We will start to increase investment and innovate in order to get out of the embarrassing situation that everyone is suffering. At present, the overall lighting efficiency of high-pressure sodium lamps is at the level of 60-70 lm/w, and to make LED lamps more than 60% more energy-efficient than sodium lamps, the overall lighting efficiency of LED lamps must be greater than 100 lm/w, in order to save more than 60% of energy. In this way, we can achieve the goal of China's energy-saving and emission-reduction and low-carbon economy! If some enterprises still take LED light fixtures with 60-70lm/w light efficiency and serious light decay to replace the original high-efficiency sodium lamp with 60lm/w light efficiency, and shout out what energy saving 60-80%, this is a manifestation of self-deception. Such a company can't save China's LED lighting industry. If you really let such a company "lead the Chinese LED lighting industry", Imagine where China's LED lighting industry will go under its "leading run"? Therefore, only through independent innovation, abandoning the wrong LED lighting product design and structural mode, and innovating LED lighting products that truly meet the LED characteristics and meet the lighting needs, can save the Chinese LED lighting industry!

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