Each brand pushes LED as the eleventh protagonist

The hot memory of the May 1st color circle seems to have not faded. In the interview with the chain store, the reporter learned that from the product layout of each brand, LED will undoubtedly become eleven. The absolute protagonist of the Golden Week, the high-profile LED behind it means that the LCD is about to be laid off

In front of the stage: Brands are holding LEDs

At the end of August, although there is still more than a month away from the 11th color TV gold war, the brands have begun to enter the strategic deployment stage. The reporter learned in an interview with Nanjing Gome that the sales volume of the eleven LEDs this year is a breakthrough. At least 40% of the products should be ignored. From the current layout of various brands, LED products have accounted for more than 60% of all sample products. The old name Changhong is the first to launch a large-scale LED popularization storm to stimulate LED sales with real preferential prices.

In addition, for the price issue that the people are most concerned about, the salespersons at the store said that under normal circumstances, the difference between the LED and the LCD of the same size segment is between 1000 yuan and 1,500 yuan, but at present, very colorful electric brands have begun to launch low-end LEDs to impact. LCD market, by reducing the spread to popularize LED.

In the random interview with consumers in the store, the reporter learned that in the face of the price difference, most consumers will still choose LED, and give up LCD. After all, LED is obviously superior in terms of image quality and energy saving. On the LCD.

Behind the scenes: layout LED industry chain

The person in charge of Hisense, who first played with LEDs, said that compared with the traditional LCD, it has the characteristics of high image stability, close-up viewing without hurting the eyes, slimmer shape, and energy saving. Therefore, if the price is not much different, choose LED. Consumers will be more and more. At the beginning of the year, Skyworth has clearly stated that in 2010, the new strategy “new products only lock LED”, Qingku LCD has become a unified action of the brand tacit, and currently domestic color TV companies have joined the ranks of cleaning LCD inventory, the Internet TV pioneer TCL also uses LED P11 as the most powerful competing product.

The layout of the LED industry chain has played a fundamental role in promoting the popularity of LED. After the upstream production line of Konka, the first phase of the Tsinghua Tongfang Nantong LED Semiconductor Industrial Base has been officially laid. This is the development of a high-brightness LED application industry base in Nantong after the establishment of LED chip and LCD TV LED backlight industry bases in Beijing and Shenyang. At present, Tsinghua Tongfang has mastered the LED epitaxial chip and chip packaging technology applicable to LCD TV LED backlight products and indoor functional lighting; completed the technical development of LCD TV LED backlight module products and high-power functional lighting devices, among which LED backlight module The products have been successfully put on the market; LED high-power functional lighting products are also about to enter mass production. The construction of Nantong LED industrial base, Tsinghua Tongfang's LED industry layout has been basically completed, and fully entered the "LED industry era." At the same time, in China to achieve high-brightness, high-power LED epitaxial wafer, chip scale production, will help change High-end products are monopolized by foreign countries, reducing production costs and improving the international competitiveness of China's LED industry.

Thinking: How far is the LCD from being laid off?

The price reduction and behind-the-scenes layout have directly promoted the popularity of LED. As the price gap narrows, more consumers have chosen LED-backlit LCD TVs in their upgrades from CRT to flat-panel TVs. Will the 11th Golden Week this year become an inflection point in the LED and LCD layout? Will the LCD be laid off?

People in the industry have pointed out that LCD delisting and CRT delisting in the same year is still very different. After all, the difference between LED and LCD products is much smaller than CRT and LCD. Although the LED momentum is fierce, it seems that LCD is going to be laid off. It is still too early, and some insiders pointed out that at least for two years, LCD will not withdraw from the market.

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