Silan Micro Profile will expand LED production capacity

Silan Micro's business primarily consists of the design and manufacture of LED chips, semiconductor discrete devices and integrated circuits. Among them, LED chip technology leading, market demand is strong, the company will further expand production capacity; integrated circuit business began to improve performance, the company will gradually turn to high value-added products; and discrete devices are also increasing FRD, VDMOS and other high-margin products proportion. The company has its own production line, which is also a unique advantage over other foreign IC design companies. It can choose to produce high value-added products, and is gradually taking over the transfer of foreign IC capacity.

Silan Micro's products are concentrated in high-voltage, high-current applications, including AC-DC, DC-DC, Motor Driver, audio power amplifier, etc. The vast majority of products for power management and power-driven product lines are based on Silan Microelectronics. Developed the BiCMOS / BCD process platform to develop energy efficient power management and power drive products. The company's products pursue high efficiency, low standby power consumption, in line with green energy-saving standards; high power, small packaging strategy to improve power density; to provide customers with high reliability, low solution cost solutions.

LED products demand strong company currently has 8 MOCVD equipment, currently 500 million monthly LED chips, 12 million pieces of epitaxial wafers per month (and some epitaxial wafers are purchased from Taiwan), ready to purchase 20 expansions The production capacity has been purchased 6 units at present, and it is expected to be put into production within half a year. The company's current products are mainly used for LED chips in indoor and outdoor color screens. The company's products have good performance. The international brands such as Cree and Nichia belong to the first-line brand. The company's products are equivalent to Taiwan's mainstream LED chip manufacturers, and belong to the second-line brand. In terms of performance and price, it leads the way in China.

Compared with current mainstream display devices, such as LCD (indoor 17-70 inches), PDP (indoor 40-70 inches or even 100 inches), LEDs are suitable for indoor and outdoor environments; large-area display, regardless of size; Combination, flexible and diverse. At present, the market in this field still maintains an annual growth rate of 30%~40%, and the market prospect is broad.

In the field of blue and green light chips, the company has become one of the largest LED chip manufacturers in mainland China. In the 4 outdoor large color screens used on the Tiananmen National Day celebrations in Beijing on October 1, 2009, two color screens used Silan Ming core chips. The future companies want to enter the field including LED lighting, LED backlights for LCD screens, etc. field.

The company is able to achieve relatively rapid development in the LED field, depending on the company's accumulation in the semiconductor industry, relying on the company's experience in R&D, production and sales of silicon devices, as well as a good semiconductor production and manufacturing platform, and has developed a large number of independent intellectual property rights. New products with market competitiveness.

Semiconductor discrete devices maintain rapid growth The company's semiconductor devices, including switching diodes, Zener diodes, Schottky diodes, fast recovery diodes, high-voltage MOS transistors, etc., can now maintain stable profit growth. Semiconductor discrete devices are general-purpose intermediate products with wide market applications and high quality products. With the launch of the company's series of products, the company has more resources available for the development of large customers (large customers usually buy multiple products from one supplier). To save on procurement costs). The company has a large customer route in marketing, and the long-term customer certification cycle is long, but the demand is large and stable. As a design and manufacturer of integrated circuit chips, the company has strong R&D capabilities and is a large customer compared to many domestic pure semiconductor device manufacturers. The advantages in development are obvious. The company has two original 5/6-inch lines, and a 6-inch line has been added. The company will purchase equipment at a low level, and the production capacity will increase by about 50%. The integrated circuit design and construction platform, high-definition DVD, video surveillance IC has an opportunity to break out. The technology in the field of digital audio and video is in the market leading position. It has outstanding technical advantages in the field of CD servo and DVD drive circuits, and is expected to lead the technical route of the next generation products in the field of Blu-ray DVD and video surveillance.

The two major directions for the development of integrated circuit design business are: 1. Establish a general product R&D platform and its process solutions, and quickly design corresponding products for different needs; 2. Develop application chip technology in a proprietary field. In the early stage of development, Taiwan MediaTek (MTK) also achieved cost-saving advantages by providing single-chip solutions to save costs. In the process of development, it gradually built a general product development platform to grasp various market opportunities and grow stronger.

The company's purchase of ESS DVD chip technology is also in the construction of the platform. Since the traditional DVD products do not support true high-definition, with the advancement of high-definition signals on a global scale, the popularity of HDTVs at home and abroad is accelerating, triggering a market demand for new high-definition DVDs, and high-definition DVD chips have an explosive opportunity.

The unique competitive advantage of IDM mode The company has implemented an IDM (Design and Manufacturing Integration) model for power and power-driven product lines, mixed-signal and RF products, which is different from the standard-standard foundry, which will significantly shorten the chip development cycle. It is better to realize the innovation of the chip, the directivity of the process development is very strong, and the process process developed by Foundry is generally more versatile, so the IDM mode is easy to form the core competitive advantage of the product line.

LED driver products work at high voltage and high current. Special devices such as integrated power devices and high voltage devices are needed in the IC. The parasitic effects generated during integration must be considered in product design. The IDM mode facilitates the close integration of process integration, device structure, and circuit design to improve the success rate of product development. The IDM model facilitates product platform construction and speeds up product development. In the IDM mode, the IDM mode is easier to support the development of analog products with a small number of products.

The company has a large room for growth and gives cautious recommendation ratings. The current market is relatively positive for the company's LED business, but it has neglected the growth space of the company's IC design and discrete device manufacturing to a certain extent. The company has been leading in these fields after years of experience. status.

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