LED popular global multinational giants "covet" Chinese market

The lighting industry has continued to grow at a rate of more than 20% for several years. In addition, the new light source led the world, which naturally attracts multinational giants. Companies such as Toshiba of Japan and LUMEX Holdings of Germany have strong capital and long history, and at the same time master the core technology of the upstream of the light source. Into the Chinese mainland market, naturally "highly high." Or to use LED new light source to achieve its overall lighting system application capabilities, or to cut into the Chinese engineering market with excellent business philosophy and technology, suddenly widened the gap with the strength of domestic brands. “Even if these are a kind of concept marketing, they also show the strength of the giants leading the industry. The latecomers also strongly felt that in the near future and even now, the system lighting and engineering concept capabilities of the subdivision terminals have to be possessed.” Pan Zhenhua, general manager of Keshi Lighting, commented.

It is reported that the identification of various departments of lighting technology companies and semiconductor companies provides Toshiba Group with an opportunity to completely monopolize the production of LED products. Toshiba and the new lighting system business unit executives, Kamata and Akira confidently pointed out that the biggest advantage of Toshiba's new lighting system is its perfect product line and high-quality products. “In the next step, we will establish a B2B agency model centered on Shanghai and spread it across the Chinese market through online sales and existing distribution channels.” And German lighting products cover LED commercial lighting, T5 full Series lighting, full intelligent fire emergency lighting, light source electrical appliances in four major areas. A joint venture with a multinational background will certainly not turn a blind eye to the new light source. Therefore, the German second-stage lighting production base plans to invest 50 million yuan to set up LED commercial lighting research and development, production and packaging base.

Foreign brand

Product line from comprehensive to powerful

In the corner of the 1.2LED application hall, the first exhibition of Walden lighting attracted many people's attention - because its LED products cover home, business, outdoor and other fields. According to industry insiders, in fact, this phenomenon can be said to be the epitome of many new energy-saving light source enterprises. “SMEs will not hold a broad product line for a long time. Because of the limited cost and scale, the market will be screened and then slowly enter the brand road of specialization. The new brand with strong background can In a short period of time, we will achieve a large-scale product line strategy, because there are various core competitiveness support. For example, Midea Lighting has the brand backing of the Midea Group, listed companies have consortia, and lighting companies can develop new light sources, etc.” US National Lighting Minister Chen Guoxin This is summarized.

This time, Dehao Runda Electric is a typical example. The company is an export-oriented listed company mainly engaged in smart small household electrical appliances and micro-motors. Following the introduction of strategic investor Guangdong Jianlongda to enter the LED business field, Dehao Runda continued to expand its LED business. The LED industrialization project in Wuhu is expected to have a total investment of 4.1 billion yuan, mainly including three sub-projects of chip, packaging and application, covering the upper, middle and lower reaches of the industry. This year's lighting also showed products in various fields, including home, business, and electric, to showcase the perfect product line formed by its “entry” for two years. Of course, Minister Chen Guoxin also revealed that Midea Lighting will adhere to the core competitiveness of light source. At present, the production base of energy-saving light source has reached a scale of 600 mu.

New brand accurate product and market positioning

Specialization seems to be the choice of many powerful brands. "Soleka will not be involved in other products at present, even if LED is so hot. Because the market for electrodeless lamps is still in the initial stage of development, more brands with research and development capabilities are needed to promote the whole industry. This is also the responsibility of the company." Lin Weihe, general manager of Guangdong Shunxiang Energy-saving Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. answered the powerful. Huang Chengmin, chairman of Christie Electronics, and Hu Qian, CEO of Sanhong Lighting, also said that only companies with weak profitability of single products will blindly launch new products.

Shanghai Mingkai Lighting Co., Ltd., with its strong product strength and technical reserve power, has taken advantage of its light source and commercial lighting products to attack Guangzhou Guangya Exhibition to expand its brand awareness. It is reported that the company was integrated by Shanghai Mingkai Investment (Group) Co., Ltd. in February 2010 to integrate the lighting resources of Shanghai Lighting Co., Ltd. and set up with Shanghai Guangda Lighting Co., Ltd. as the core.

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