Wide color gamut LED backlight technology published by Taiwan Industrial Technology Research Institute

Taiwan's ITRI recently published a wide color gamut LED backlight technology, innovative use of violet LED to stimulate RGB three-color phosphor, expand the panel gamut range, can easily exceed 90% of the color rendering ability, accurately display image rich color, let TV and The display reproduces the real-world stunning visual effects, providing LCD panel manufacturers with more competitive LED innovation applications and attacking the LED LCD TV market.
The purple LED backlight module developed by ITRI has high color uniformity. It only needs a set of light sources and can be mass-produced with a simple driving circuit. It uses purple LED (400 nm) to excite RGB three-color phosphor. The narrow-bandwidth green phosphor developed by ITRI makes the red light bandwidth wide enough, the color gamut is wider, and the color saturation can exceed 90% NTSC color gamut. Because of the good luminous efficiency, the number of LEDs in the display can be reduced. , greatly reducing production costs.

Figure: (Right) ITRI's wide color gamut LED backlight technology, accurately presenting colorful horizons

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