4800 yuan entertainment game all-round computer configuration list

The more people use computers, the more computer sales are. Now, the sales of computer cities are more likely to be assembled computers. Compared with brand computers and laptops, the advantage of assembling computers is obvious, that is, the cost-effectiveness of assembling computers is high. Spend the same money to buy a computer, and the assembled computer configuration is higher than the brand computer configuration, so many people choose to assemble the computer. From the quality point of view, the current hardware is imported, so just buy it well. The quality of the assembled computer accessories will not be the same as the quality of the branded computer accessories. The main reason we buy the assembly machine is to choose the computer configuration that we need. Below we will introduce a set of all-round computer configuration, we can refer to it.

Configuration Brand Model Quantity Price
CPU Intel Core i3 530 (box) × 1 ¥ 820
Motherboard MSI H55M-E33 ×1 ¥699
Memory Kingston 2GB DDR3 1333 ×1 ¥355
Hard Drive Seagate 1TB SATA2 32M 7200.12/ST31000528 ×1 ¥520
Graphics card Rainbow GT240-GD5 CF Platinum Edition 512M M50 ×1 ¥549
LCD Monitor Samsung 943NW+ ×1 ¥899
Chassis Cool Extreme Supreme RC-K100 ×1 ¥299
Power HuntKey Multicore DH6 ×1 ¥360
Keyboard and mouse set Leibai 1800 wireless mouse and keyboard set × 1 ¥ 99
Speaker Maibo M-200 10th Anniversary Edition × 1 ¥260
Total amount: 4860 yuan

product description:

Regarding the CPU, we are using the more fashionable CPU Intel Core i3 530, which is also a very popular computer CPU series. Core i3 530 processor is the low-end model of the Core i3 series, dual-core design, clocked at 2.93GHz, FSB 133MHz, multiplier 22X, shared 4MB L3 cache, with Hyper-Threading, but removed Turbo Boost Features. The IGP part is a 45nm process DX10 specification display chip with a frequency of 733MHz. The processor uses the LGA1156 interface design and is compatible with P55 motherboards when not using integrated graphics. The processor TDP is 73W.

Intel Core i3 530 is not expensive as a 32nm process product, the price of 820 yuan can still be readily accepted. However, because of the need for a separate graphics card, it will waste the Core i3 530 GPU, which is somewhat worthwhile.


Computer configuration comments:

The price of our assembled computer configuration list is medium, and the configuration is also medium and high. Generally, it is enough for home use. It is also suitable for playing some large games. Basically, the average computer user is enough for home use. Computers, or office computers and student computers are great choices.

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