Changhong: LED TV prices cut at least 50% in September

On July 28, Changhong's executive vice president and multimedia chairman Lin Maoxiang announced that Changhong LED TVs will cut prices by at least 50% in September, so that LED TVs will be completely shattered by 50% to 100% of the value of LCD TVs.

According to reports, Changhong locked the LED panel resources ahead of schedule in the first half of the year. First, it obtained the most adequate supply guarantee in the industry. Second, it obtained the most advantageous cost in the industry. In July, it completed all the machines, terminals and policies. ready.

The big price cut will allow LED TVs to phase out ordinary LCD TVs with more aggressive price strategies and functional advantages, so that consumers can get the best LED TV products with the most favorable expenses.

Lu Jianbo, deputy secretary-general of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, said that although LED TV is currently the mainstream direction of flat-panel TVs, it is not enough to support long-term market hotspots. Who can master the LED TV cost and scale advantage in the future, who can take the lead in setting up an LED TV popularized the storm, and then occupied half of the flat-panel TV.

Zhao Xinhua, deputy director of China Electronics Technology Standardization Institute, pointed out that from a technical point of view, LED TVs use light-emitting diodes, and the backlight directly converts electrical energy into light energy. It has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, small size, stronger color expression and longer life. Long, energy-saving and environmentally friendly and other outstanding features. However, LED TVs are very easy to cause product technology homogenization, and LED backlights are improved, non-realistic technological innovations, but the price is much more expensive than ordinary LCD TVs.

According to Zhongyikang statistics, from May 2009 to May 2010, LED TVs accounted for a growing share of all LCD TVs, namely: 1.05%, 1.60%, 2.22%, 2.26%, 3.11%, 4.06%, 5.33%, 7.16%, 9.05%, 9.00%, 9.88%, 16.08%, and 19.70%. It can be seen from the data that in just one year, the proportion of LED TVs in LCD TVs has increased by nearly 20 times.

According to the “Investigation Report on Consumer Demand in China's Flat-panel TV Cities from January to June 2010” released by the Consumer Electronics Survey Office of China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, LED TV sales in large and medium-sized cities account for 30% of the total color TV. It will reach 40%, and it can be said that it has become the mainstream product of China's flat-panel TV market.

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