Hubei Yutong Electronics to build the country's largest LED lighting industry base

In Jiuli Development Zone of Zigui County, Hubei Yutong Electronics Co., Ltd., which is mainly composed of Three Gorges immigrants, is making efforts to build China's largest LED lighting industry base. LED energy-saving lighting made by Yichang will illuminate China.

Haotong Electronics is a provincial high-tech enterprise and is the largest production base of LED energy-saving lighting products in China. On the construction site of the company's new factory, Chairman Peng Huiyin calculated the account for the reporter: an LED energy-saving lamp with the same brightness as the traditional 20-watt fluorescent tube is equivalent to the ballast on the traditional fluorescent tube. The energy saving effect is equivalent to 20 watts. The company can produce 10,000 energy-saving lamps a day. The energy-saving effect is equivalent to 200 kW. The energy-saving effect is equivalent to 60,000 kW in a 300-day production period. The energy saved is equivalent. Electrical energy generated by a large power station with an installed capacity of 60,000 kilowatts.

The predecessor of Hubei Yutong Electronics Co., Ltd. was Zigui County Machinery Factory. In 1996, it moved to the Jiuli Development Zone in Zigui County. After more than 10 years of development, the company has grown from a punch and more than 10 workers to a high-tech enterprise with an area of ​​over 100 mu, fixed assets of 120 million yuan and more than 2,300 employees. The annual production capacity is 10 billion. Production capacity ranks first in the same industry in the country.

Since its inception, LED has always adhered to the corporate tenet of “Being the best LED supplier in the world and doing LED lighting experts”. Continuous innovation has enabled the company to form a core competitive advantage, comprehensive cost advantage and continuous expansion advantage. This high-tech enterprise with the Three Gorges immigrants as the main body is making every effort to build a 10 billion photoelectric industrial park to prepare for the listing.

In the interview, the reporter learned that LED is the abbreviation of LED. It is a solid-state semiconductor device widely used in indoor lighting. It has the advantages of energy saving, slow decay, no stroboscopic, fast response, etc. It is recognized by all countries in the world. The most promising high-efficiency lighting industry.

5050 RGB LED is kind of LED with 3 chips and 6 pins.

The 3 chips(Green chip, red chip, blue chip) can be placed at random. Red, green and blue three primary colors according to different brightness (Not all light) single color or mixed color, it will produce many colors. For example, red, pink.

Adding different proportions of three basic color color called additive color mixing, the rules are as follows:

Red + Green = yellow
Red + blue = Purple
Blue + Green = green
Red + Blue + Green = white

In this LED, we can offer four kind of brightness level: 5050 RGB LED, 5050 common RGB SMD, 5050 Super Bright SMD LED and 5050 ultra brightness SMD LED.

5050 RGB LED

5050 RGB LED

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