Eye protection is very important to choose popular eco-friendly flat-panel TV

In less than a month, Children's Day is coming. As the saying goes: Children are the flowers of the future of the motherland. With the development of the society nowadays, each child is regarded as a treasure by parents, and cares for the children everywhere. Even the eyes must start preventing myopia from an early age.

Xiao Bian learned that at present, the total number of glasses worn in the country exceeds 300 million, and the number of patients with myopia accounts for 33% of the world, which is 10% higher than the world average. The problem of teenage myopia is particularly prominent. The results of the 2008 National Physical Fitness and Health Survey showed that the detection rates of poor visual acuity in urban and rural students were 31.67% for primary school students, 58.07% for junior high school students, 76.02% for high school students, and 82. .68%. A large part of China’s 400 million young people are deeply troubled by the “TV eye”.

Xiaobian I, because I was staring at the TV screen all day long, and the reading position was not correct, so I need to wear a big black-rimmed glasses every day. Beautiful eyes can’t display the charm of the show. I still regret it at the age.

Therefore, Xiao Bian made up his mind and decided that his child must let him prevent myopia from an early age. Xiaobian's recent research found that although LEDs have a wide color gamut and good color, many brands have neglected the demand for healthy eye protection. Xiao Bian searched out a few TVs that Xiaobian thinks are more eye-catching, for the reference of netizens who have children at home and want to protect their eyes.


Price: 11999 yuan

Eye-protection highlights: Although the LED color gamut is wide and the color is good, many brands have neglected the research on health and eye protection; Konka LED47TS98N adopts the industry's top second-generation color wheel technology, truly breaking the technical bottleneck of 1080P, adopting 12bit color Processing technology, automatic red, green and blue adjustment, soft color, automatic adjustment of red, green and blue for each pixel of the image, making the picture softer, not only good color, but also healthy eye protection.

In terms of display effect, Konka LED47TS98N adopts true color LED backlight technology to achieve true light source planarization, showing high-definition, high-contrast images, greatly improving the ability of TV to restore the true color of the world.

At the same time, Konka LED47TS98N can enjoy the most professional education website in China, and the comprehensive education counseling provided by the boutique education network, including a series of course counseling for elementary school, junior high school and high school, lecture videos for teachers, online exams, civil servants and various occupations. Comprehensive counseling materials such as certification counseling.

In addition, as the 2010 Net Rui series star products, Konka released the top-end high-end products Net Rui LED98 series, including the luxury lineup of all new development applications of Konka, built-in browser, video synchronization, 3G video chat three programs Provides three programs for family KTV, home Internet, and somatosensory games. In addition, there are online movies, IP address queries, perpetual calendar queries, legal and legal inquiries, famous painting appreciation, ancient Chinese poetry, video synchronization and other applications, attracting different levels. Consumer demand.

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